Jayjay Jiang: Single Mother, Cancer Survivor & Entrepreneur

With a occupation that has spanned graphic dressmaker to events manager to promoting company proprietor, alongside the vogue Jayjay Jiang has crushed lymphoma cancer and opponents in the boxing ring.

A single mother with a single-minded determination to be triumphant, but a substantial coronary heart to wait on and encourage others, we sat down with her to search out out why she always comes out battling.

When did you receive your cancer diagnosis?

I changed into identified with lymphoma cancer in September of 2012, correct as I had been promoted to Nationwide Match & Invent Supervisor of Summergate – the main wine and spirit importer – after having worked laborious there for six years.

I’d always cherished to explain myself, and care for issues going, nonetheless when I came across out I had cancer, it took me a whereas to accept it.


Happily, I if truth be told delight in a loving family and, in Summergate, I had a supportive company, and managed to conceal the costly medication.

Summergate also allowed me to function some work all over my medication; they understood that if I changed into handiest in the health center and at dwelling – no longer colorful if I’d ever delight in an different to advance wait on to fashioned lifestyles – that would raze me sooner than the cancer.


You appear to delight in grew to change into the negative trip into a substantial obvious in your lifestyles – how did you put collectively it?

I had a roughly revelation at that time – a realization of your total issues I changed into but to compose in my lifestyles.

I realized that I even delight in a lot of issues I quiet desire to function. Plus I needed to are living for my daughter and for my family.

I’m a Catholic; I did pray all over my medication. I handiest pray and beg for mercy when I face issues previous my administration.

The most major time changed into when my oldsters had been getting divorced – I prayed for it no longer to occur.

It didn’t work.

The 2nd time changed into, “Please heal me; I even delight in so principal I desire to function in this world.”

This time, it worked!

Happily, I fully recovered after six months of chemo, then rested for a month, then bought wait on to work… and then started being more stuffed with life than ever.

I changed into a sportive child in faculty, never trusty at sports actions. However, after surviving cancer, I started going to the gymnasium, spinning, weight coaching, boxing and doing Muay Thai.

I fell in love with fight sports actions, presumably on legend of I if truth be told delight in a aggressive mind and like to purchase. I took allotment in an newbie boxing match twice, and went to Thailand to educate recurrently.


I started working because the GM of a boxing gymnasium and transformed from Party Queen to Boxing Girl.

I also did two substantial vogue reveals for without a doubt one of many tip companies in Asia and met a in actual fact trusty friend who relied on me so principal he requested me to govern his two businesses: gre3n Coconut and Tiger Muay Thai China.

I realized how probabilities are you’ll presumably presumably presumably also mosey a enterprise from that, how probabilities are you’ll presumably presumably presumably also assemble noise for an organization.


What delight in you finished with which delight in?

Sooner than the pandemic, I changed into making ready for a bikini competitors; I always cherished muscle shaping and admired bodybuilders and how principal laborious work they build in.

Then, after Chinese language Novel Year of 2022, issues went awry in Shanghai, and I couldn’t get the rooster breasts and broccoli I needed over lockdown. A shrimp bit of despair kicked in, and I dropped it.


I started to focal point on social explain sort. Within the summertime of 2022, correct after we bought launched from lockdown, and with my lifestyles associate Stan’s make stronger, we opened JS Advert – a video explain company.

Sure, it changed into a mighty duration, with most offline businesses struggling and an financial system in the doldrums. However there changed into one component of which I changed into very particular – the video explain enterprise changed into rising!


Happily, my associate is exceptionally talented in video taking pictures and editing. Video explain by his eyes always has a completely different tone; alongside with my planning and operation skills, we are in a position to always dig out the soul of a account, presenting it as a whole.

How function you flow about engaging others?

After I stare folks whinge on the cyber web about the financial system, about jobs, about the method it is so complex to search out a trusty job right here in China whereas you are over 40 – I’m going to always leave a obvious message, hoping to assist them and provide a shrimp bit bit of psychological make stronger.

The same goes for my cancer mates – I deem a miracle occurred to me; God desire me to function more on the earth, to wait on more folks that are suffering from illness or despair.


Thru doing so, I participated in Nike’s The Most Inspirational Story 2023, to boot to winning a Necessary person Award on the third China Lymphoma Sufferers Convention.


My company also joined the Shanghai 48 Hour Movie Mission contest; with a restricted funds and arms, we won two awards and earned two extra nominations.


It’s a long way a mighty time for loads of contributors, but I desire to make notify of the line from Stallone:

“It ain’t about how laborious ya hit. It’s about how laborious probabilities are you’ll presumably presumably presumably also get hit and care for piquant ahead. How principal probabilities are you’ll presumably presumably presumably also accumulate and care for piquant ahead. That’s how winning is finished!”

Any most attention-grabbing message?

I cherished drawing, so I grew to change into a graphic dressmaker when I changed into 24; I cherished to birthday celebration, so I grew to change into an events manager when I changed into 30; I bought into fight sports actions and grew to change into GM of a boxing enterprise when I grew to change into 35; and I realized my dream of taking pictures videos, and creating explain and immediate movies by opening an promoting company when I grew to change into 40.

I’m hoping my legend can give folks obvious vitality – always educate your coronary heart, and your total dreams can advance ultimate.

Enthusiastic to grab more about Jayjay, JS Advert, and the advertising and marketing companies and products they present? Contact her on 185 0166 7090 or jayjay@jsadvert.cn or simply add her on WeChat:



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