Jade Backyard Unveils Recent Excessive-Discontinue Inner most Ceremonial dinner in the Better Bay Feature

From mountains to seas, Jade Backyard introduces a palate-aesthetic spectacle, elevating dining to an infinite salvage collectively of life. 

On March 5, 2024, “Landmark Taste, Contemporary Solutions (地标风味,新意醇翠)” Jade Backyard’s original excessive-atomize non-public dinner birthday celebration debuted at the Taikoo Hui retailer in Guangzhou, marking the 2nd match following the Shanghai edition.

Featuring a mark-original menu, Jade Backyard presents its annual original choices to guests, showcasing an inventive fusion of visible and culinary delights. Accompanied by fine wines, the match was expertly narrated by renowned host Mo Aoxin, guiding guests during the flavorful tear.


At the outset, Martin Lee, Chief Working Officer (Chinese language and Western Delicacies) of MEI-XIN Chinese language Delicacies Hong Kong Neighborhood, emphasized the firm’s patriotic ethos and dedication to the utilization of original, excessive-quality ingredients in Jade Backyard’s dishes, reflecting a dedication to showcasing basically the most attention-grabbing of Chinese language delicacies.


Chef Zhou Zuyao, Govt Chef of Chinese language Delicacies (China) at MEI-XIN Chinese language Delicacies Hong Kong Neighborhood, shared insights into Jade Backyard’s 2024 original menu, highlighting its revolutionary methodology while staying correct to venerable Cantonese flavors, promising delightful surprises for diners.

“We spent a one year exploring ingredients from all the method during the country, rising many of of dishes, and at final selecting over a hundred for Jade Backyard’s original 2024 menu.”

Addressing concerns about declaring constant quality all the method through Jade Backyard’s stores, Carol Fung, Operations Director (China) of MEI-XIN Chinese language Delicacies Hong Kong Neighborhood, wired the importance of adhering to fashioned working procedures (SOP) and staying correct to the logo’s essence. She emphasized the meticulous craftsmanship of Jade Backyard’s Cantonese chefs, who relate on handmade tactics, guaranteeing quality again watch over all the method through all outlets.

“We accompanied Chef Zhou and the employees to witness every retailer, guaranteeing accurate manufacturing and restore quality in 8 to 9 cities over two months earlier than the respectable commence.”

A Inner most Ceremonial dinner of Distinction, Concentrating Jade Backyard’s Recent 2024 Menu

Selecting the finest Chinese language ingredients, Chef Zhou skillfully crafted respectable Hong Kong-vogue Cantonese dishes, showcasing the essence of Cantonese delicacies to guests. Via meticulous preparation, Jade Backyard interpreted the last note that implies of “elegant dining” for its guests.


In silence lies correct mastery. Jade Backyard has lengthy been dedicated to bringing venerable Hong Kong-vogue Cantonese culinary custom to patrons, repeatedly innovating dishes essentially based completely on buyer preferences and market changes.

Taking a spot a question to ahead, Jade Backyard will proceed innovating, injecting original vitality into venerable Cantonese delicacies, allowing diners to trip the appeal of Hong Kong-vogue Cantonese delicacies.


Established in 1971, Jade Backyard, the first Cantonese restaurant founded by the MEI-XIN Chinese language Delicacies Hong Kong Neighborhood in Hong Kong, boasts 53 years of historical previous. With 15 outlets all the method through mainland China, collectively with Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hangzhou, and Chengdu, Jade Backyard has earned a popularity for its original ingredients, professional chefs, and attentive carrier, turning into synonymous with uncommon Hong Kong Cantonese delicacies recollections for diners.

At the atomize of 2023, Jade Backyard launched a brand original menu developed by Chef Zhou Zuyao and his employees, drawing inspiration from China’s much agricultural treasures, selecting landmark ingredients from loads of regions, and integrating years of trip and revolutionary ideas to most up-to-date over a hundred Cantonese dishes that steadiness custom and innovation.

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