“I soundless love that thought of a solo singer-songwriter being ready to keep up a correspondence with right their guitar and vocal”: Christina Martin on making the leap from low-mark Gretsches to esteem Duesenbergs, and why pedals stress her out

Singer-songwriter Christina Martin used to be raised on the East Flit of Canada nonetheless learned her musical feet when she moved to Austin, Texas, in 1999 and picked up a guitar. 

Her occupation used to be confirmed by a 2002 fortify slot for Wilco and the liberate of her debut album, Gorgeous Issues. “Austin used to be the place aside I learned singer‑songwriters and wanted to be esteem them,” she says. “It used to be also the place aside I learned my devour gift, which wanted a range of work!”

‘Storm’ a-coming

Jet forward to nowadays and Christina has right launched Storm, her eighth studio album and one which used to be decades within the making. 

“This album wasn’t intentional,” she states. “I didn’t know whether or no longer these songs would fit together on an album – I approached it by making each tune as precise as it’ll be. However after I checked out it as a physique, I organised the songs chronologically as occasions that affected me in my existence. 

“Then it truly felt esteem the narrative of my existence as a creator and the device magical that is. However there’s also childhood trauma, awakening to a location esteem Austin, and the things we plow through in existence with loss and relationships and figuring out how we heal ourselves.”

Scaling down

To tour the album, Christina goes with a stripped-down setup, having fun with as a duo along with her husband, Dale Murray, having fun with lead guitar to her rhythm. “I’m basically the rhythm guitarist and he’s having fun with melodies,” she explains. “He has a corpulent-on setup, with pedals that simulate string sections and stuff. I actually beget, esteem, two pedals! 

“We don’t carry other instruments as such, nonetheless we have diversified guitars, esteem a Duesenberg lap metal and a Duesenberg 12-string mandolin, nonetheless we don’t carry keyboards and other things. I don’t must carry other things – it stresses me out! Two pedals and a tuner pedal is enough. I earn that other guitar avid gamers need all of the toys, nonetheless that’s right no longer me.”

Dreaming astronomical

Having her husband along with her on tour with a more gigantic guitar setup is critical when brooding about Storm, with plenty of the songs soaking moist in strings. However Christina is having a glance to earn the album’s spirit more organically indirectly. 

“A couple of of these songs, esteem Build With Me, are such emotional tunes and I had dreams about the sound and strings were continually there,” she tells us.

“I actually beget also been striving to function symphony orchestra performances. It made sense to function the album now after which some day I can beget strings are living within the performance. It’s something diversified attributable to I’ve never had string avid gamers with me earlier than… These are all aspirations, right? Which I don’t know if I’m in a position to tug off. However the dream is to describe the album are living.” 

The basics

With eight albums underneath her belt, Christina has had noteworthy educate in placing them together and experimenting with sound, nonetheless she started with the fundamentals, which she soundless tries to encompass into her reveals. 

“On the start, I conducted solo for decades and developed a astronomical, warm rhythmic sound, nonetheless I never aspired to learn to bend strings or device solos,” she says. “My insist is my fundamental instrument and the guitar used to be merely a tool for writing songs and being ready to device them independently. 

“I soundless love that thought of a solo singer-songwriter being ready to keep up a correspondence with right their guitar and vocal, and I are trying and continually fabricate these moments into the reveals, although it’s a corpulent-band tell – attributable to it’s the place aside I started out.”

D is for Duesenberg

“I’m at demonstrate contemplating which guitars to carry to the UK,” Christina tells us, regarding her album tour that starts in February 2024. “I play the Caribou and the Starplayer; I also beget the prototype for the puny-edition Stardust assortment.

“I’m no longer an expert on this, nonetheless the Duesenbergs beget an actual astronomical sound, nonetheless they’re obvious and within the discount of through the mix. Plus they’re very easy to play, so for any person esteem me who’s no longer a guitar hero, they’re respectable whenever you’re the exhaust of a capo or the tremolo. I extinct to right trot for basically the most price-efficient Gretsches, nonetheless these guitars are astronomical.”

  • Storm is out now by technique of Come Undone Files.

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