Horizon Forbidden West: the most efficient PC settings behold plenty fancy Guerrilla’s choices for PlayStation 5

Essentially the most efficient PC settings behold plenty fancy Guerrilla’s choices for PlayStation 5.

Now that Horizon Forbidden West is out on PC and now we dangle had a decent deal of time with the remaining shipping game, we can tie up some free ends that were left placing after final week’s first behold. What conclude optimised settings behold fancy? What about Steam Deck? And are any lingering issues that ought to be addressed in future updates?

Kicking off with those all-indispensable optimised settings, we had extra perception into making our choices owing to our in-depth dialog with Guerrilla Video games and Nixxes, as documented on Eurogamer final week. For instance, some settings are there for completeness’s sake however also can no longer in fact impression performance on most gaming PCs. Take ambient occlusion, for starters. There’s an SSAO option and the potential to flip it off – and that is it. The performance bewitch in disabling it’s far inconsequential, so lend a hand that on. It’s far the identical thing with show conceal-space shadows. Such suggestions also can exist for the good thing about Steam Deck and ultra-low spec hardware however they must quiet be left on for the massive majority of users.

Previous that, there are some presets that can safely ‘whacked up to max’ within the very most sensible PC custom with out too distinguished within the very most sensible scheme of a performance hit. PS5 delivers many of its textures with 4x anisotropic filtering, however the worth of texture filtering is minimal on PC, which implies 16x is completely viable. You’d desire the aspect prolong of 8x over the console model however on an RTX 3070, there’s no performance impression at all in going up to 16x. Hair quality can additionally be traipse at max (ie ‘high’) as that is a match for PS5 and whereas lower quality settings are on hand, the body-payment enhance is negligible – even at native 4K on the identical RTX 3070.

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Cover image for YouTube videoHorizon Forbidden West PC – Optimised Settings vs PS5 – The DF Breakdown

Your settings table lurks beneath, however here is how we arrived at our optimised configuration.

Previous that, issues get more fascinating. As you’ll doubtless be capable to also expect, stage of aspect scales the quality of geometric LODs at a distance. Going all of the very most sensible scheme down to high improves performance by eight percent, medium by 14 percent and intensely low by virtually 20 proportion aspects. Optimised settings are all about turning in as distinguished quality as that it’s possible you’ll well well take into consideration at an equitable performance label – and I’ll perchance well well counsel high here because the variation vs medium is noticeable. It’s far the identical with shadows, the set there’s a welcome 10 point enhance by losing from very high to high. There are extra wins by scaling down extra, however shadows change into blobbier and aliased.

One other indispensable surroundings is translucency quality. The PS5 performance mode same is ‘default’ which appears to be like to traipse parts fancy water at quarter resolution and for superb reason – on an RTX 3070 the default surroundings is 17 percent sooner than the preferable high resolution option. Default is okay, then all all over again, and can conclude great body-payment drops in busier scenes.

Cloud quality is a in fact fascinating option. In some scenarios you’ll doubtless be capable to also no longer discover a distinction at all between settings and the temptation will doubtless be to cross low here, however must you are the consume of upscalers fancy DLSS, FSR2 or XeSS, they will be upscaling from even lower resolutions, resulting in aliasing and fizzle artefacts. So, on PS5, the lower resolution performance mode in fact uses a bigger quality preset than the quality mode to mitigate the fabricate. Brooding about it’s far rarely any longer distinguished dearer – even at native 4K on an RTX 3070 – I counsel the very high surroundings for optimised settings must you are upscaling from a lower resolution, or high at native.

PC Optimised PS5 Efficiency PS5 40fps Mode PS5 Quality
Texture Quality GPU Dependent* Very Excessive Very Excessive Very Excessive
Texture Filtering 16x 2x/4x/8x 2x/4x/8x 2x/4x/8x
Shadow Quality Excessive Excessive Excessive Excessive
Depth of Self-discipline Excessive Excessive Excessive Excessive
Degree of Affirm Excessive Excessive Excessive Excessive
Terrain Quality Excessive or Very Excessive Excessive Excessive Excessive
Crowd Quality Excessive Excessive Excessive Excessive
Hair Quality Excessive Excessive Excessive Excessive
Ambient Occlusion SSAO SSAO SSAO SSAO
Show conceal-Station Reflections Excessive Excessive Excessive Excessive
Water Quality Excessive Excessive Excessive Excessive
Cloud Quality Very Excessive Excessive Very Excessive Excessive
Translucency Default Default Excessive Res Excessive Res
Parallax Occlusion Mapping On On On On

We counsel high or very high texture settings (they’re very an identical) however users of 8GB GPUs must quiet no longer consume high settings at resolutions bigger than 1440p.

One other easy bewitch for performance in gameplay is adjusting the quality of depth of arena down, offering up a 5 point enhance – however that is it for core optimised settings. The others dangle minute performance impression or quality wins. With all of that in thoughts, PS5 equivalents are wonderful and they’re invariably pegged at the high surroundings.

On the bogus hand, GPU VRAM is required. For many who would even dangle an 8GB GPU, the high texture quality surroundings is completely wonderful and performant must you traipse the game up to 1440p. At resolutions bigger than 1440p you’ll doubtless be capable to need more VRAM for prime textures, in another case you’ll doubtless be capable to be paging from machine memory and performance will give scheme. How Horizon Forbidden West scales its textures varies on a per-scene foundation (the video above explains all however within the raze, medium may perchance well well also be wonderful for some views, however much less wonderful for others.

Switching over to an RTX 2070 Colossal (primarily a contact slower than the 2080 and a prolonged length of time DF popular for console equivalence), there’s a 12 proportion point lead losing from maxed out settings to optimised equivalents. It’s far rarely a broad bewitch, however in phrases of image quality, PC wipes the bottom with PS5’s checkerboard performance mode when the consume of DLSS alongside with dynamic resolution scaling. YUou’re getting broad increases in performance over native resolution plus the enhance from the optimised settings tweaks. DRS is mature carefully in all modes on PS5 and moreover you need to quiet consume it on PC too. It’s game-altering.

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Cover image for YouTube videoHorizon Forbidden West PC vs PS5: Enhanced Parts, Efficiency Assessments + Image Quality Boosts!

Our first behold video from final week is an outline of the port and what it does apt previous performance on my own.

Shifting on, I changed into angry to study the game on Steam Deck however with the most modern model, I’ll perchance well well uncover towards it. Even at 720p on lowest settings with dynamic resolution scaling, I had genuine issues sustaining 30 frames per second. Others also can disagree, however the unfortunate performance and stripped support visuals create it one to cross away for now. One other quandary is that issues learned within the PC model of the game are massively amplified on the Steam Deck. A Ryzen 5 3600 has noticeable body-time spikes in terrain traversal – and or no longer it’s far worse on Steam Deck: a substantial cascading performance drop with a express that then within the raze clears up. This occurs all over the set the game world must you cross round and I in fact feel fancy it takes far from the ride vastly.

Cutscenes quiet dangle occasional, ultra-heavy GPU utilisation at random spots and on Steam Deck or no longer it’s even worse, momentarily dipping into single digits. In the raze, gift issues with the PC perform are blown up super on Steam Deck. This Nixxes port is the consume of PS5 property primarily – and no longer PS4, which also can were the next fit. Even after fixes, this also can conclude up being a game that is certainly ‘too great for Steam Deck’.

Previous that, we must all the time quiet focus on reconstruction. DLSS and FSR2 show in accordance to our many prior analyses – however something’s up with XeSS the consume of its DP4a route on non-Intel GPUs. The image is every so continuously very soft, with all particles presenting with giant smearing artefacts. The usage of XeSS on an accurate Intel Arc GPU in response to the ML route produces improved outcomes – however the vibrating clouds and other put up-processing issues are critically off-placing. Intel and Nixxes dangle work to conclude here because the performance stage on my Arc A770 is rarely any longer sizzling, even with dynamic resolution scaling.

There are issues to contend with then, however within the raze, Horizon Forbidden West has landed in wonderful dangle on PC (with a brand new patch addressing HDR issues) and we can highly counsel it.

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