Helldivers 2 Merch Lets You Within the ruin Occupy A Cup Of Liber-Tea

An image shows a Helldiver giving a thumbs up in front of a giant mug.

Image: PlayStation / Arrowhead Video games / Kotaku

Helldivers 2 is understanding to be one of many biggest (and ultimate) games of 2024 to this level so it shouldn’t shock you that PlayStation is having a compare to capitalize on the sci-fi co-op shooter’s success with some contemporary spiffy merchandise, including a mug that I’d actual add to my series.

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Launched in February, Helldivers 2 become as soon as so popular that it had too many gamers looking out to hop into its intense third-individual sci-fi shooter action, and the servers saved collapsing on PS5 and PC. Fortunately, those servers had been fixed, and since then I’ve put a ton of time into the game, largely because it makes fight feel every gratifying and harmful. I also take care of the satirical Starship Troopers-like vibes of its world, the put democracy is used as an excuse to do anything, even drop large bombs. (Fortunately that now not at all occurs within the categorical world…) I especially take care of it when my soldier yells out “How about cup of liber-tea!” And now, I will safe a contemporary mug with that quote slapped on the facet.

Launched on March 14 via the Legit PlayStation Weblog, Helldivers 2 merch is now available across about a totally different storefronts. Your neatly-liked alternate suggestions are right here, including some good-having a compare shirts that contains the game’s designate in about a totally different layouts. Nothing too thrilling or enjoyable, but good to contain.

An image shows a Helldivers 2 shirt.

Image: PlayStation / Arrowhead Video games / Kotaku

The higher merch is the sillier stuff, including shirts that contain traces from the game like “Sweet liberty, my leg!” and “Grunt hi there to democracy!” My deepest favourite is the mug that capabilities the beforehand talked about “liber-tea” quote. Now I will drink some handsome Earl Grey tea while I raze bugs and bots in Helldivers 2. The mug charges $20.

There’s also a shirt with an orbital precision stratagem icon and code on it, which is…comely, I exclaim. Finally, this important round of merch feels a tad rushed, nearly like Sony didn’t query this game to place the enviornment on fire like it did. Within the weblog publish, the firm promises a “wider product assortment launching over the following few months.” I hope future merchandise are moderately more contemporary and funnier. I desire a “Malevelon Creek Extinct” hat or a shirt with the Strategem Hero designate on it. Finally, actual give me a shirt with a picture of a Charger and the phrase “Nope” printed below it. I’d buy that.

Helldivers 2 merch is now available on Amazon, Insert Coin, and the first fee PlayStation Equipment store.


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