Hannah Connolly Releases Spell binding Sophomore Album ‘Shadowboxing’

Los Angeles-based Americana singer-songwriter Hannah Connolly currently released her prolonged participant, Shadowboxing. Loads of the songs had been written with Jordan Ruiz, who produced her 2020 debut album, From Where You Are.

Connolly explains, “I had a bunch of lyrics piling up. In expose to possess some beyond regular time to write down, I took off work for three days. I actually pretended like I was going into the studio, but it used to be actually the further bed room where my fiancé and I had recording equipment anguish up. We wrote nearly three songs a day for a pair of days which used to be actually fun. The entire sudden it used to be like, ‘Whoa, there’s so significant popping out here.’”

After a pair of extra sessions within the ensuing months, Connolly had over 30 tracks to take from. Recording took anguish at Jon O’Brien’s studio in idyllic Idyllwild, California, with Ruiz, Ben Greenberg, Eric Cannata and O’Brien contributing. Extra contributors included Dan Bailey and Adam Bradley Schreiber, who each played drums on the file and By process of Mardot on theremin and strings.

Talking concerning the direct, Connolly says, “It’s a wooded area city exterior of L.A. On the pause of the mountain vary that creates the valley in Palm Springs, the Joshua Tree direct, there’s this minute mountain city and it’s actually sweet. There are gargantuan pine bushes and log cabins and native eating areas — it feels prefer it’s untouched, nearly. We had been able to enact so significant with that community dwell, it felt actually bewitching on story of you will ranking a design to listen to all the pieces precise now. And as you’re singing, it glorious feels like there’s a bunch of energy within the room.”

Encompassing 10 tracks, entry facets consist of “Reno,” a low-slung vivid tune highlighted by Connolly’s ethereal, nearly gentle, vocals. Deliciously alluring, it’s a form of distinctive voices that straight design listeners in thanks to its haunting quality.

Based fully on Connolly, “Reno” is a quixotic sonnet to “the magnetic pull that you just’re feeling toward any individual within the occasion you understand it’s gorgeous.

Twangy guitars and a spirited rhythmic scamper infuse “Caught In Space” with vivid, folk-rock flavors as Connolly’s deluxe vocals give the lyrics timbres suggestive of Stevie Nicks.

Sopping moist in dusky, dreamy country savors, the title notice drifts and sways on melancholic surfaces. Trembling vibrato nuances suffuse Connolly’s vocals, permeating the lyrics with poignant hues. Whereas “Brothers In The Identical Dream” rides a percolating rhythm, precise now beguiling and softly aglow. Warmth and gentle-weight, Connolly parades the creamy aspect of deliver on this notice.

“Rushing By,” a non-public favourite thanks to its gradual, drifting sensation, ties the album off. A elegant, sighing factor to Connolly’s deliver douses the lyrics in elegant textures.

Straight away gorgeously usual and oh-so irresistible, Shadowboxing is positively no doubt one of many particular albums of the twelve months.

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Hannah Connolly Tour Dates

3/06 – Girls of Americana Instagram Takeover

3/07 – Phoenix, AZ – The Rebellion Lounge (toughen for Sam Outlaw)

3/08 – Los Angeles, CA – Zebulon (toughen for Sam Outlaw) [Album Release]

3/09 – Costa Mesa, CA – The Wayfarer (toughen for Sam Outlaw)

3/10 – San Diego, CA – The Preserving Firm (toughen for Sam Outlaw)

3/15 – San Diego, CA – Folk Arts Uncommon Records (w/ Abby Litman)

3/16 – Tehachapi, CA – Casa Con Tiki House Concert (w/ Abby Litman)

3/17 – San Francisco, CA – Brick & Mortar (w/ Abby Litman, Matthew Fowler)

3/20 – Half of Moon Bay, CA – House Concert (w/ Abby Litman, Ella Harp)

3/21 – Olympia, WA – House Concert (w/ Abby Litman, Sprig of That)

3/22 – Portland, OR – Artichoke (w/ Abby Litman, Sprig of That)

3/24 – Seattle, WA – House Concert (w/ Abby Litman)

3/28 – Willits, CA – Shanachie Pub (w/ Abby Litman, Matthew Fowler)

3/29 – Atascadero, CA – Raconteur Room (w/ Abby Litman)

3/30 – Boulder Creek, CA – lille æske arthouse (w/ Abby Litman)

4/25 – Nashville, TN – The 5 Space (American Roots Hoedown IX)

5/08 – Knoxville, TN – Blue Plate Particular (WDVX) [12 pm]

5/9-12 – Dusky Mountain, NC – SERFA Conf (SE Space Folk Alliance)

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