Enotria: The Final Song CEO apologises to “Xbox community” for “a resolution that was forced to execute”

CEO Giacomo Greco says “I retract the sport to be ultimate on two platforms in preference to discreet on three”.

Enotria: The Last Song screenshot showing a masked character looking towards the camera

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Jyamma Games has “officially apologised to the Xbox community” after deciding not to originate the soulslike Enotria: The Final Song on Xbox in clarify to substantiate a “superior ride” for gamers on PC and PS5.

In a press assertion, CEO Giacomo Greco apologised for taking so lengthy to whine Xbox gamers that the sport would not be coming to Xbox Sequence X/S, asserting it was a “resolution that has correct been made” and that “making the originate on all platforms would result in a decrease within the overall quality of the product and a extra prolong of the same”.

Enotria: The Final Song gameplay trailer.Look on YouTube

“I need you to know that the prolong attributable to the originate on the same date of [Elden Ring’s DLC] gave us the opportunity to take extra time to extra enhance the product, this led to elevating the bar and, as CEO, I’m accountable for the final quality of the product,” Greco stated.

“Having stated that, I’d never have allowed our sport to near encourage out discreetly on all platforms, I retract the sport to be ultimate on two platforms in preference to discreet on three.”

Greco extra added that after the sport has debuted on PC and PS5 the crew will “moreover be working on the Xbox version, as smartly as the DLC, so we can moreover give the sport to Microsoft users”.

As for why Jyamma Games made up our minds to forego the Xbox version?

“The resolution fell on PS5 in preference to on Xbox simply on memoir of we have a relationship with our companions in Asia (SEGA) with whom we have agreements that we need to respect for them as a matter of respect,” the CEO stated.

“As that you may per chance per chance simply all know, the Asian market is for a tidy half dominated by the PlayStation, so the PS5 was the logical resolution. I need to level out, on the opposite hand, some things, Jyamma Games is an autonomous tool dwelling that has never been funded by someone, including Microsoft, some accusations that were made by some users are on the limit of the most effective criticism about this scenario.

“I am hoping that now the entirety is clearer and that the Xbox community will not be offended for a resolution that was [sic] forced to execute,” they concluded.

Enotria: The Final Song was on the foundation field to originate in June, but its originate date was pushed encourage by developer Jyamma Games, making sure it avoids the Elden Ring DLC. The Italian Soulslike will now originate on 21st August.

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