Does Receiptify Work for Apple Music?

does receiptify work for Apple Music

Characterize Credit rating: Receiptify

A development on Instagram showcasing album tracks as retailer receipts kicked off a development after programmer Michelle Liu launched ‘Receiptify.’ Whereas Apple Music users would possibly perchance perchance use the service in a restricted skill from 2020-2023—the skill became eradicated final 300 and sixty five days.

Liu introduced Receiptify in 2020 as a queer manner to showcase Spotify records in a retailer receipt layout. The app can process listening records from the day gone by, final month, or the final six months—serving up a PNG image of a Spotify users’ listening historical previous. As Liu persisted to dangle the app over the final few years, she added restricted toughen for Apple Music.

The Apple Music API most effective supported ‘Heavy Rotation’ tracks, returning records about a users’ most-played tracks, albums, and playlists in an undefined length. Spotify in truth supplies listening dates by means of its API, so the Receiptify for Apple Music generator became always pretty less detailed than its Spotify counterpart.

Receiptify became updated in 2023 to grab the Apple Music link one day between February 16 – 27. In its arena, Liu incorporates a link to Tune My Music, which enables users to switch playlists between Apple Music and Spotify.

As of 2024—the link to Tune My Music is gone and most effective Spotify and Closing.fm dwell. It seems doubtless that Liu obtained a sponsorship from Tune My Music to arena a link to its playlist switch services and products—foregoing the Apple Music API link altogether.

Which potential that, Apple Music now now not works with Receiptify. Since Liu made the code within the market publicly and free of fee by means of GitHub, several Receiptify knock-offs own seemed on the iOS App Store. They spend code written by Liu, but aloof most effective provide the same total ingredients of the Receiptify internet sites with the added addition of in-app purchases starting from $1.99 to $34.99.

Receiptify would now not work straight away with Apple Music anymore and even when it did, it became most effective in restricted skill. Anyone who desires to assemble one amongst these photography to half amongst chums will need to attain so the usage of Spotify or Closing.fm records. It’s worth noting that Apple Music records will even be ‘scrobbled’ to Closing.fm, but most effective if the tune is added to your own sequence.

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