Contemporary Data Looks To Expose PS5 Is Outselling Xbox 2:1

An image shows an Xbox logo next to a PlayStation logo at E3.

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All of us kind of know that Sony’s PS5 is outselling Microsoft’s Xbox Sequence X/S. Sony gives us sales records, Microsoft hasn’t in years. You in most cases don’t halt serene about that stuff when the records is giant. And new records appears to be like to be to show what all of us suspected: The Xbox Sequence X/S is getting shellacked by the PS5, with presumably two PS5s sold for every body Xbox.

Thank You, PS Plus, For Making My Backlog Even Greater

Microsoft’s Xbox sales had been a mystery since 2016, when the firm stopped reporting hardware sales. Correct thru Microsoft’s regulatory battles that came about as a section of its scamper to exhaust Activision Blizzard, we realized that the PS4 outsold the Xbox 2:1. Now, a financial file detailing the selection of next-gen consoles out within the wild appears to be like to be to disclose, with a little bit of serviette math, that Microsoft’s most modern console ain’t doing any better.

In step with a shuffle from Take-Two Games’ Q3 financial file, about 77 million “Gen 9” consoles had been sold as of December 2023. Gen 9 represents Xbox Sequence X/S and PS5. Figuring out how great of that 77 million is Xbox and the arrangement in which great is PS5 isn’t too moving, despite the proven fact that Microsoft refuses to invent sales stats. Instead, we can detect at Sony’s stats, which in December 2023 printed that 50 million PS5s had been sold to patrons. Assuming Sony has sold a million or so extra consoles since then, it’s likely that Xbox has most effective sold about 25 million consoles worldwide. Add it all up and Sony’s PS5 has likely sold twice as well to Xbox Sequence X/S.

In total, this records wouldn’t be too thrilling and wouldn’t situation off off too many fire alarms on-line, but save in thoughts that correct now fairly a couple of Xbox devoted are waiting to gaze what the kind ahead for the logo will be after experiences came out that suggested mountainous exclusives, like Starfield, would possibly maybe presumably maybe well invent their manner to PS5. It’s situation off off a mammoth firestorm as of us wait to hear from Xbox boss Phil Spencer next week and learn what the kind ahead for Xbox appears like.

Extra records showing how now not-so-sizzling Xbox consoles sell isn’t helping mute these of us down as they pain referring to the now not going downside of Microsoft pulling a Sega, ditching its consoles, and publishing its video games on all platforms. Subsequent week can’t reach soon enough.


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