Childhood Refuse to Let Trip of the Nanny They Fondly Name “Mama” and Fogeys Face Criticism

In a heartwarming but bittersweet 2d captured on video, the bond between a community of younger participants and their beloved nanny takes heart stage as emotions bustle excessive at some level of their heartfelt farewell. The poignant scene unfolds as the younger participants, unwilling to fraction ways with the caregiver who has grow to be an integral fraction of their lives, grasp to her with tears streaming down their faces.

The twins Maria and Cataleya bear many followers on social media.

No subject the twin’s, Maria and Cataleya, rapid age, they already bear a expansive following on social media. With roughly 2.8 million followers on TikTok and 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube. Their online presence gives a window into the on each day foundation adventures and interactions of the family.

For over five years, Rosie, their nanny, has been a constant and caring presence in the younger participants’s lives. The emotional depth of their bond used to be vividly captured in one video documenting the heartfelt goodbye between the youngsters and Rosie, a clip that has garnered an impressive 9 million views.

The younger participants call Rosie ’mama’ and love her as fraction of their family.

The affectionate bond between the youngsters and Rosie transcends the faded caregiver relationship, as she is embraced as an integral fraction of their family. The younger participants affectionately discuss to Rosie as “mama,” a time duration of endearment that, unfortunately, sparked criticism in direction of the biological mother.

In response to these comments, the mummy addressed the worries via an Instagram video, affirming, “For all of you who criticize me as a mother, know one thing: after they call Rosie mama, I realize I if truth be told bear chosen the interesting particular person to purchase care of my children whereas I am now not around.” The observation underscores the mummy’s self assurance in Rosie’s nurturing role and the family’s collective working out of the bizarre and loving dynamic they fragment.

As a farewell tribute, the mummy shared some touching words on their social media platforms, expressing, “Goodbye Rosie, the nanny, sister, friend, and 2d mother.” In one more submit, the mummy well-liked the bizarre and loving bond between Rosie and the younger participants by sharing the sentiment, “Double the mamas, double the love.” This acknowledgment additional emphasizes the depth of affection and belief the family places in Rosie.

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