Champagne Telmont releases bottles in ‘193,000 shades of green’

The Champagne Dwelling, which is found in Damery, advance Epernay, France – and backed by actor and activist Leonardo DiCaprio – has already space out its ambitions to change into the first climate obvious Dwelling by 2030 and win obvious by 2050.

When glass furnaces replace production from one colour to a different, a definite quantity between production runs does now not match chromatic standards and is mostly rejected. The quality of the glass, on the opposite hand, is unaffected.

It’s this part of the production scurry that Telmont will include to build its ‘193,000 shades of green’ space of bottles per twelve months: embracing in wish to fending off the completely different colour shades.

Lowering glass emissions

Glass packaging represents one of essentially the predominant sources of carbon emissions in the industry. For Telmont, glass extinct for bottles represents round 24% of total emissions.

The Dwelling has been working with European glass packaging company Verallia to raise the transition glass bottles to market.

Ludovic du Plessis, President of Maison Telmont, mentioned the initiative displays how sustainability ought to be thought of as an opportunity, now not a limitation – even by manner of branding and marketing.

“For us, sustainability is now not a limit or a constraint, but a ground for creativity and innovation. Every colour of green is a image of our commitment to the environment,” he mentioned. “We’re now not factual changing the colour of our bottles, we’re looking to transform the wine industry, one colour at a time.”

The Dwelling follows the belief that ‘the wine will be upright if the Earth is handsome’.

Thus, after earning its first AB (organic agriculture) certification in 2017 for part of its parcels and following the acquisition of a majority stake by the Rémy Cointreau community, Telmont launched a program in 2021 called ‘In the title of Mother Nature’.

The goal is to create a truly excessive-quality champagne while reducing as worthy as possible its environmental footprint.


The Dwelling is in the strategy of fixing to organic viticulture for 100% of its estate and the parcels of its winegrower partners, moreover retaining biodiversity and reducing its carbon footprint.

The Champagne Dwelling has already eradicated superfluous gift bins from its product line-up. It has additionally moved away from its transparent glass bottles, which did now not bag recycled drawl material.

And final twelve months it announced it had created the lightest champagne bottle ever​: rising a bottle that weighs 800g (28.2oz), which is 35g (1.2oz) lighter than traditional Champagne bottles.

The Dwelling additionally has entirely stopped air freight.

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