Cameron Diaz Calls to Normalize Married Couples Having Separate Bedrooms

Cameron Diaz, the cherished actress who took a hiatus from performing in 2014, these days surprised her fans by returning to the vast masks after nearly a decade. In a most in vogue episode of the Lipstick podcast, the actress advocated for normalizing married couples selecting separate bedrooms. Diaz, who has been happily married to Right Charlotte’s Benji Madden since 2015, brings her private expertise to the forefront.

Cameron Diaz advocates for embracing separate bedrooms in married lifestyles.

Cameron Diaz values private home! She shared her point of view on supreme residing arrangements in a most in vogue podcast episode. Diaz urged: “We must soundless normalize separate bedrooms. To me, I would comprise my home, you comprise yours. We comprise the household home in the center. I will go and sleep in my room. You go sleep in your room. I’m fine.”

“And we comprise the bedroom in the center that we can convene in for our kin,” she continued.

When one in all the hosts joked the revelation could presumably perhaps lope controversy and urged that Diaz shouldn’t comprise printed it, she answered:

“I’ve already said it. By the manner, I don’t feel that manner now because my husband is so supreme. I said that sooner than I got married.”

Her marriage to Benji Madden.

Since 2015, the acclaimed actress has happily married Benji Madden, the talented musician from Right Charlotte, whom she affectionately describes as “fully supreme.”

Diaz and Madden are the proud of us of Raddix, their 4-year-former daughter born in December 2019. The couple joyfully shared the news, expressing their happiness, blessings, and gratitude as they embarked on a unusual decade with the appearance of Raddix.

In one other milestone, Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz these days famed their eighth wedding anniversary earlier this year. Madden shared an characterize and heartfelt sentiments that includes his initials in a corner. The artwork additionally captures the serenity of a sundown, a vase with plant life, and the silhouette of a ship on the left, adding an additional touch of romance to the heartfelt message.

Pedro Andrade, PacificCoastNews/EAST NEWS

How her husband feels about her return to performing.

As societal norms proceed to evolve, Cameron Diaz’s advocacy for normalizing separate bedrooms in married lifestyles appears monstrous. But at the identical time, we can rethink and comprise the different approaches to marital bliss.

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