Be Careful: Update Minecraft And Your Worlds Would possibly perchance Salvage Destroyed

If you happen to could additionally very properly be taking part in Minecraft on PC the utilization of the Xbox app, be careful sooner than you update the well-liked launch-world survival sport. Developer Mojang says you’ll want to perchance cease up destroying your saved worlds—unless you carry out some digital repairing.

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On March 15, at spherical 2: 30 am EST, Mojang’s legit help fable on Twitter warned all PC gamers the utilization of the Xbox app not to update Minecraft thru the app. “If you happen to carry out so, your worlds could additionally very properly be misplaced,” stated Mojang, bask in some injurious and overly dramatic humorous guide villain.

So what ought to level-headed Minecraft gamers on PC who employ the Xbox app carry out as a change? Well, you’ll must receive a separate tool—the Gaming Products and companies Restore Tool—and then lunge that section of system first sooner than inserting in any updates for Minecraft.

“The employ of this tool updates the Gaming Products and companies to model 19.87.13001.0, which is ready to handbook clear of the update error,” says Microsoft on its legit help page. There, gamers can derive instructions for the style to receive and lunge the tool. It looks bask in quite a bit to ask of us to carry out simply to play a sport through your launcher. Nonetheless the alternative is your complete worlds perchance being destroyed.

Kotaku has reached out to Xbox and Mojang for extra knowledge.

Minecraft gamers affirm years-extinct saves were deleted

At least about a replies to Microsoft’s tweet point out some of us dangle misplaced years of saved worlds after updating Minecraft. “2.5 years of stuff, along side a ton of javascript projects from the last three hundred and sixty five days,” stated one person. “Identical right here, updated on Tuesday the full lot long gone,” answered someone else. Over on the Mojang bugs tracker, assorted gamers dangle reported shedding all their worlds. It looks the bug has been affecting some of us for at least two days now.

Weirdly, as a ways as I will present, Microsoft hasn’t posted about this quandary in assorted areas of the secure. The most important Minecraft Twitter fable, with over 7 million followers, hasn’t shared the help tweet or talked about that folks could are attempting to employ this tool to guard their worlds from being Thanos-snapped away through an update on PC. In its put, as of this writing, the most in style tweet from that huge fable is barely a Pi Day shaggy dog legend.

Hopefully in spite of is causing this be troubled with the the Xbox PC app will possible be mounted soon and of us won’t be made to hop thru some odd hoops to play a sport they already possess and dangle possible loved for years.


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