36 Thoughts I Had While Staring at Glen Powell in ‘Hit Man’

Ever since I saw Any person Nevertheless You this cool climate, one needed ask has been rattling spherical in my head: is Glen Powell an glorious main man, or is no longer in actuality he? On the one hand, he’s resplendent and rather droll, and on the alternative hand, there’s his title: Glen Powell has model of a Finest Know-how ring to it, if you query me. Nevertheless, on the alternative hand, I allege that by no system stopped George Clooney from reaching original heights of Hollywood hunkdom.

In his most modern movie, Hit Man, Powell stars as a professor who moonlights as a mistaken hit man in police stings. Streaming on Netflix now, it co-stars Adria Arjona and Austin Amelio and became directed by Richard Linklater. Let’s dive in and look what we (okay, I) mediate, lets?

  1. Hmm, Glen in glasses. I don’t hate it.
  2. Male academics in actuality impact bask in the monopoly on gruesome short-sleeved patterned shirts.
  3. Very lesbian haircut on Mr. Powell, if I would tell so; it’s nearly giving Ryan from The O.C.
  4. Hmm, this so-known as comfy-mannered professor…volunteers with the Serene Orleans PD?
  5. Don’t impact free work for cops, childhood.
  6. Unquestionably, try no longer to impact free work for somebody, nonetheless notably no longer cops.
  7. Howdy, it’s Retta!
  8. Now Glen is…a contract killer?
  9. This would possibly maybe occasionally maybe maybe well’t be how this works, can it?
  10. No offense to the six-recede-inseam boys of summer, nonetheless I impact adore a prolonged jort on Glen.
  11. Hmm, it appears Glen is de facto upright at being intimidating.
  12. This other frightening man has a in actuality classically resplendent face, if I would indicate.
  13. Glen will get his first arrest! Yay, police explain!
  14. Aw, he’s into birding.
  15. Must I score that birding app everyone appears to bask in now?
  16. Now that Glen mentions it, I allege hiring a hit man is insane and doubtlessly no longer legit as a line of work.
  17. Gotta tell, I don’t thoughts Glen with Jesus hair.
  18. OMG, it’s Aunt Sarah from Derry Ladies!
  19. Sorry to be a knee-jerk ACAB leftist, nonetheless this entire police-brutality facet explain isn’t in actuality doing it for me.
  20. Howdy, it’s Adria!
  21. She’s clearly no longer resistant to the look of Glen in aviators.
  22. Lady, accelerate look High Gun: Maverick!
  23. Hmm, it appears Adria resides, or somehow concerned, with a creepy man who won’t let her impact something and has her on a restrictive diet, and he or she’s shopping for some…support with that, wink-wink. (And for the sage, I absolutely give a boost to her.)
  24. Glen lets Adria off “sooner than she can open incriminating herself,” which he’s no longer speculated to impact, nonetheless again, I get it.
  25. Aw, Adria’s getting a divorce and carrying miniskirts and adopting a canine.
  26. And there’s the requisite shot of our male lead adorably taking part in football with childhood.
  27. Glen telling Adria that the foundations for dozing with him comprise by no system having her at his spot and by no system giving her any data about his whereabouts…babe, it’s known as courting any generic fuckboy in Brooklyn!
  28. Or a contract killer in Serene Orleans, I allege.
  29. Oh, shit, Glen ends up being hired by Adria’s abusive ex, who then…ends up dumb?
  30. Again, appreciate to, ahem, whoever did that; I stay by “Goodbye, Earl” principles.
  31. Glen comes desirable to Adria about being a mistaken contract killer, and he or she comes desirable about killing her ex. We adore honesty!
  32. Adria is the high suspect in her ex’s murder, nonetheless Glen’s looking to quilt for her (badly).
  33. There would possibly maybe be an entire insurance protection-money plotline I’m no longer in actuality following, TBH.
  34. Adria treatment Glen’s shitty, furthermore-abusive cop comrade, nonetheless Glen helps mistaken his suicide because he is a “soiled cop” and thus deserves it. No argument from me!
  35. Aw, Glen and Adria are in worship and baking stuff! And he’s a nerdy trainer again!
  36. Okay, main-man internet secured, I even have to admit.

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