21 Thoroughly Charming Secrets About Notting Hill

Discover about Hugh Grant & Julia Roberts in 1999: Stay From E! Rewind

Are Will Thacker and Anna Scott restful together 25 years later? In the halt, did their separate worlds space as much as mesh for the long elope?

Let’s swish scream lag, entirely. Plus, as you consider from the halt of Notting Hill, they have gotten a minimal of 1 child together. But their closing compatibility is now not in truth even the most pressing inquire.

It’s Will’s store, The Jog back and forth E book Co., that we’re worried about, to be upright. Is there any system that his puny store on Portobello Road has survived as unbiased booksellers are shuttering their doors appropriate and left? Did he expand to on-line gross sales or stay a brick-and-mortar traditionalist, restful promoting finest shuttle books? We may perhaps perchance absolutely web to possess that, especially with Anna pulling in $15 million a image, the TBC lives on.

In true life, it does and it doesn’t (extra on that in somewhat), but the topic at hand is that Might perhaps well 28 marks 24 years since Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts bumbled their system into every rather quite loads of’s hearts as e book shop owner Will and Hollywood big title Anna in the hit 1999 romantic comedy Notting Hill, directed by Roger Michell and written by Richard Curtis, who would stir on to say the rather quite loads of movie you sight on every occasion it is on, too, Admire In fact.

Notting Hill used to be a demolish, making nearly $364 million on the sphere situation of labor worldwide and changing into the year’s high-grossing British movie.

“After I used to be mendacity sleepless at nights,” Curtis knowledgeable E! News in 1999, explaining how he dreamed up one amongst the foremost aspects of the yarn, “I would most regularly possess what it may perhaps perhaps perchance be fancy if I modified into up at my mates’ home where I old to have dinner once per week with, because it had been, the most accepted person on the earth, or who used to be the most accepted at that point, Madonna or Princess Diana or Kylie Minogue.”

“And it form of sprung from there,” he persevered, “I old to possess thru the disaster of how my mates would react, who would attempt to be chilly, who would fail to be chilly, how you’d gain thru dinner, what they’d scream to you afterwards and…so, that used to be the place to begin.”

In type Photos; Melissa Herwitt/E! Illustration

That’s additionally with out problems one amongst the finest aspects of the movie, Anna dining with Will’s “regular” but with no sign of ending candy and humorous inside circle. Roberts, for one, did now not possess the premise used to be up to now-fetched.

“I possess it may perhaps perhaps well well happen,” she knowledgeable E! News on the movie’s press junket, “because I possess in the foundation that we’re all seeking someone who brings out the finest in us. And I possess that the job or utter they support in life, it is no longer even secondary. It’s third-dary, it is fourth-dary, you appreciate, and I possess that so many alternative issues reach forward of that. And I scream this additionally as a person that has a boyfriend that’s an actor—and he’s a truly merely actor, but I could perhaps well well title a dozen issues about him that are incredibly attention-grabbing and lift the quality of my life that extend forward of his expertise.”

At the time she used to be dating Benjamin Bratt. They broke up in 2001, and puny did Roberts know that she would one way or the other fall madly in cherish with a non-accepted person, cameraman and photography director Danny Moder.

Cherish your total finest romances, Notting Hill restful holds up—each the movie and the charming shuttle living that served as its setting. So right here are 21 extra secrets and solutions about the movie’s stars—the human ones and the enviable true estate.

Yui Mok/PA Shots by means of Getty Shots

Making an Entrance

The total Notting Hill neighborhood, while already increasingly extra as much as date when the movie used to be shot, grew to became, as Hugh Grant assign it, “a hell of loads trendier” once the movie came out.

The home on Westbourne Park Road that boasted the blue door that served as the front door to Will’s flat old to be owned by Richard Curtis—and naturally it grew to became a pilgrimage living for the movie’s fans.

In fact, so many of us scrawled their very bask in autograph on the door, it used to be one way or the other eliminated and auctioned off at Christie’s, but one other blue door lives on in its situation. (The recent owner used to be good ample to paint it blue.)

In the intervening time, the inside of Will’s flat used to be a studio space for the explanation that true inside of Curtis’ home—a transformed chapel—used to be in truth rather monumental, boasting a courtyard backyard and a 1,000-square-foot reception room. And minus some exterior shots, quite loads of the movie used to be shot on a meticulously built space about an hour a ways from the true Notting Hill.

In type Photos

A Unique Concept

The Jog back and forth E book Co. doesn’t in truth exist at 142 Portobello Road because it does in the movie, but it is there in spirit. When the movie used to be shot, Nicholls Vintage Arcade used to be in the living, and it used to be  succeeded by a furniture store referred to as Gong. Now, Notting Hill Reward Store is there, identifiable by its well-known blue awning—and a signal discovering out The Jog back and forth E book Store.

Because they know that’s why you may perhaps well well be buying for a keychain there.



Awning Inspiration

A store referred to as The Jog back and forth Bookstore did exist for years on Blenheim Crescent all over the nook, in accordance to TripSavvy (which has mapped out a total Notting Hill walking tour). It closed in 2011 but The Notting Hill Bookstore stands there on the present time.

They potentially halt have some Dickens, or the recent John Grisham.

Alan Davidson/REX/Shutterstock

Inventory Photos

Just among the scenes of Anna walking crimson carpets, flashing her accepted smile on the cameras and attending award presentations is true Julia Roberts photos “from years handed by,” she shared with E! News in 1999, as neatly as photos shot on the 1998 BAFTA Awards, which in true life she attended along with her My Splendid Friend’s Marriage ceremony co-big title Rupert Everett.

Total, the scenes that illustrate what a huge big title her personality is are a “hodgepodge” of her life and Anna’s, Roberts said.

What used to be no longer true, Roberts used to be grateful for, used to be the scene at some stage in which Anna opens the door of Will’s flat to limitless paparazzi snapping away—surrounded by, in what Grant referred to as a “Fellini 2nd,” dozens of true paparazzi photographing the pretend photographers.

“It’s constantly fun while you may perhaps well well also exaggerate a disaster, thank goodness,” Roberts said. “I’ve never opened a door and considered 500 of us…so yeah, it is absolutely bright.”

Curtis chanced on the hole montage largely lifted from Roberts’ true movie-big title life extra startling: “We said, ‘F–enough! That’s who we’re going thru,'” he knowledgeable Vanity Animated in 1999. “It’s very easy while you may perhaps well well be going thru a truly cheap, bright, relaxed, 30-year-old girl to put out of your mind that that’s additionally the Julia Roberts who, for 10 years beforehand, you may perhaps well well never have gotten inside a hundred yards of. It used to be a freakish 2nd when we realized that the girl we had been going thru used to be in truth each these items: this relaxed person and this untouchable, iconic object of which there are so many photos.”


Megastar-Crossed Lovers

No longer finest did Grant (and Everett, for that topic) audition to play the titular Bard in Shakespeare in Admire, which came out in 1998 and won the Oscar for Splendid Record the following year, Roberts used to be attached to play Violet, opposite Daniel Day-Lewis—but he one way or the other did now not signal on, so Roberts left.

All’s neatly that ends neatly, a minimal of. Gwyneth Paltrow won an Oscar and enjoyed sizzling chemistry with Joseph Fiennes, and Roberts won her Oscar two years later, for Erin Brockovich.

Clive Coote/Polygram/Kobal/Shutterstock

Shaky Suitor

Grant recalled his Shakespeare in Admire audition opposite Roberts to Vanity Animated: “I used to be a truly, very unemployed, pathetic actor on the time. I consider being so intimidated by the fact that she used to be in the room that I obtained myself in a form of kerfuffle and missed the chair when I sat down. I sat on the arm of the chair, then had that very awkward inside debate about whether or no longer to tell, ‘In fact, I’ve missed the chair,’ or to pretend that I used to be in truth a rather quirky form of personality who constantly sits on the arm.”

When it came time to form Notting Hill, Grant restful old the note “apprehension” to list how he first and foremost felt, explaining, “I possess the emotion you may perhaps well need while you first meet someone tends to linger with you. I used to be all willing to be scared, and I’ve to say, the difficulty never rather left me.”

Richard Corkery/NY Day after day News Archive by means of Getty Shots

An American in England

Roberts did now not stir unaffected by the Hugh Grantness of all of it, both, nonetheless.

“I used to be in truth intimidated by Hugh and I possess additionally being the finest American in the movie,” she knowledgeable E! News. “Everyone swish sounds smarter than you. English of us can scream the dumbest issues and form it sound so charming and fabulously attention-grabbing, and when I used to be in a utter to halt that and swish realize I am the finest nasally sounding Yank of the bunch, then I used to be in a utter to form of relax.”

Moviestore Series/Shutterstock

No longer Starring Julia Roberts as Herself

“I am swish form of drifting along in this rather cozy life in this uncommon backwater of London, and all of a surprising the most accepted and bright movie actress on the earth walks into my store… and romance ensues,” Grant knowledgeable E! News in 1999.

So…it sounds as even though Roberts walked in.

Smartly, Roberts clearly seen the parallels, and it appears to be like she used to be bowled over by how rather quite loads of she used to be from Anna.

“I possess going into it I form of belief, neatly, I could know the way to halt this way of part, however the eventualities became rather explicit,” she knowledgeable E! News. “And subsequently, the picks that she makes are rather explicit inside that, and I did now not constantly agree along with her picks—and I possess because we portion a profession, I swish form of assumed that we may perhaps perchance form your total identical picks.

“But we did now not. I needed to in truth engage my bask in hubris, or judgment or no topic it is miles in portray to play her finally.”

Roberts clarified what, precisely, troubled her about the personality to Vanity Animated: the fact that Anna had a tumultuous relationship with the media because, forward of she used to be accepted, she had posed nude and the photos had gotten out.

“I did now not accept as true with what she did, first of all,” Roberts knowledgeable the journal in 1999. “Did now not accept as true with how she obtained into this mess—I would never were in that disaster. Did now not accept as true with the sort she used to be going thru it…Did now not accept as true with the sort she used to be reacting to it. Did now not accept as true with any of that stuff.”

Theo Wargo/Getty Shots

Richard Curtis, In fact

Roberts first and foremost did now not have any ardour in playing a celeb.

“How dreary,” she recalled telling her agent. “How slack—what a dull part for me to halt.” 

It used to be finest after she learn Curtis’ script—which she finest learn because it used to be a script by Four Weddings and a FuneralBlackadder and Spitting Image scribe—that she decided, “F–enough, I am gonna halt this movie.”


Nonfiction Section

In step with Grant, the movie is impressed by an correct yarn!

“Right here’s a yarn he couldn’t admit to,” the actor knowledgeable E!, “but he’s knowledgeable me in a drunken 2nd. A respectable friend of his, an on a current basis, regular man, used to be in Harrods sooner or later and met a truly accepted girl, and ended up taking her lend a hand to his flat in Notting Hill—and every assemble of nonsense ensued. And apart from they old to satisfy up, on every occasion she came to London their affair would reactivate itself—and that used to be the genesis of his script. But he’s so frightened of of us discovering out who this very accepted person used to be that he couldn’t picture anybody that yarn.”

In type Photos


Will would have in truth damage himself if he’d made it over the gate to sneak into the non-public Rosemead Gardens—it appears to be like it is rather the plunge to the rather quite loads of facet. In its keep, he stumbled, leading him to charmingly instruct, “Whoopsie-daisies!” worthy to Anna’s amusement.

In the intervening time, they couldn’t have even waltzed in at some stage in the daylight hours: that explicit backyard is one amongst several in the living owned by an estate and maintained by local residents, who are the finest ones with keys.

In type Photos

Excellent Nightmare

That’s The Newsroom‘s Emily Mortimer playing “The Excellent Woman” (as she’s credited) who goes out with Will after he Anna don’t first and foremost determine. And other than for the awkwardness of intellectual your one scene amounts to your personality being rejected, the actress confirmed up with hives, thanks to an hypersensitive response from the fabric of a swimsuit she had picked up in a thrift store.

“It used to be a nightmare,” Mortimer recalled on PeopleTV’s Sofa Surfing in 2018. “At any time when I obtained fearful— which you halt while you may perhaps well well be performing—I obtained hives and my face… neatly, one facet of it you may perhaps well well also restful appreciate is form of chipmunk-fancy.”

But absolutely Grant, with all his charming solutions, eased the stress?

“No, no,” Mortimer winced, “everyone used to be in truth embarrassed! It used to be very awkward. It used to be fancy, ‘who is this girl who’s reach—she’s swish obtained one scene and he or she’s making this kind of meal of it,’ and no-one would fetch out about recommendation from me. It used to be queer. used to be queer, and I used to be additionally in truth worried and mortified.”


Going Bananas

“She loved to throw fruit at me at some stage in takes, or swish forward of takes, swish to assign me off,” Grant revealed to E! News.

Roberts concurred. “I threw rather quite loads of fruit at him, to the point where we grew to became a fruitless atmosphere.”

In type Photos

Acting 101

Roberts it appears to be like knew no longer to present it 110 p.c at some stage in rehearsal, in portray to stay recent for the true deal, “whereas I would be performing my puny heart out, trying to galvanize the crew,” Grant knowledgeable E! News. So “when the cameras roll, she’s monumental and I am dreary.”

In type Photos

Megastar-Making Turn

Taking half in Will’s unwashed slacker flatmate Spike used to be a step forward turn for Rhys Ifans, most critically when the Welsh actor fortunately flexes and presentations off his “good, firm buttocks” to the paparazzi ready exterior the front door for Anna.

But even though Spike can no longer abet but charm as neatly as amuse, Ifans it appears to be like went rather system with the characteristic.

Requested if it used to be appropriate he did now not bathe or brush his teeth at some stage in filming, he knowledgeable Interview in 2011, “We had been filming in Shepardston Studios, and I could perhaps now not endure the skedaddle your total system from London on daily basis, so I obtained a tent and I camped in a campsite nearby. Every morning this well-known limo would reach and steal me up on the campsite, to the deliver bafflement of the campsite owner. He belief I used to be some roughly eccentric millionaire.”

And, “I would bathe now and again, when I remembered to.”

No longer helping used to be the fact that the sneakers the costume department chanced on for him had a “smell that emanated from the darkish depths” that “brought a mosey to one’s appreciate,” he knowledgeable E! News in 1999. “By the halt of the day, the relief of the solid insisted that these trainers had been taken away and cleansed—exorcised!”

But while he’s obtained the air of the rogue about him, director Roger Michell (who forward of Notting Hill directed Ifans onstage in Below Milk Wood) described him to the Telegraph in 2006 as stout of relaxing contradictions: “He’s gawky, yet swish. He’s stinky and Welsh and yet he’s bright and a success.” Indisputably a success ample to work with Ifans again on the 2004 movie Enduring Admire and say him in a 2017 West Cease manufacturing of Mood Tune.

Ifans knowledgeable the BBC in 2018 that he’d “rather throw a brick than signal a petition,” but he chanced on a pleased medium: after being modified into on to the motive after playing a homeless man in the one-man play Drawl Tune in 2013, he volunteered to be an envoy for the Welsh charity Refuge Cymru, which aids the homeless.

In type Photos

Anything for Horse & Hound

London’s posh Ritz Resort very no longer regularly permits filming inside its 5-big title walls, but gain admission to used to be granted to be the setting for Anna’s press junket, featuring Will pretending to be a reporter from Horse & Hound.

Alas, there were no animals in Anna’s recent movie, space in living. Or in her subsequent one, taking situation on a submarine.

In type Photos

In type Photos

Familiar Face

Mischa Barton conducted “12-year-old Actress” in what wasn’t her first movie ever, however the first of two in a single year that millions of of us seen.

The rather quite loads of? The Sixth Sense, which came out that August. Barton is Kyra, the girl below the bed who scares the hell out of Haley Joel Osment.

“12-year-old Actress,” meanwhile, used to be co-starring with Anna Scott in the well-known-price range sci-fi flick Helix—her 22nd movie, as she knowledgeable Will of Horse & Hound.

In type Photos

Rarefied Air

Alec 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley has been in a single thousand billion motion photos, including Notting Hill, where he confirmed up fleet to play Anna’s boyfriend Jeff (keep of abode twist!), who presentations as much as shock her in London but by the halt of the movie, in absentia, is rumored to have fleet moved on—and “most rumors about Jeff became appropriate.”

“By the gradual ’90s, I launched into a string of leading and supporting roles that won puny consideration,” 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley recalled in his 2017 memoir Nonetheless, “even though every supplied its bask in charms and gratifications.”

Notting Hill‘s well-known promoting point? “The keep, for swish sooner or later, on a space in London, I obtained to breathe the identical air as the excellent Julia Roberts.”

The 2 had been purported to work together again on Ryan Murphy‘s 2014 HBO movie The Usual Coronary heart, but 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley left the venture. He can rest assured that Roberts remains to be a fan, even though: In 2017 she said on EW Radio that she had never hosted Saturday Evening Stay because she used to be “too scared,” but “I would halt it with Alec, if we shall be comedy companions swish doing skits.”

In type Photos

Loved Co-Megastar

Sadly, Emma Chambers, who conducted Will’s quirky sister Honey (considered right here with Hugh Bonneville, the long bolt Earl of Grantham in Downton Abbey, playing oblivious stockbroker Bernie), died in 2018 on the age of 53.

Grant posted a uncommon non-public tweet, writing, “Emma Chambers used to be a hilarious and extremely warm person and naturally a truly finest actress. Very sad data.”

James Dreyfus, who conducted the neighborhood’s fortunately married perfect friend Martin, tweeted, “RIP the very perfect and talented Emma Chambers. Enthralling,& unspeakably humorous. Too young. Tips along with her household.”

Curtis, who additionally wrote for Chambers’ rather quite loads of finest-known characteristic, Alice Tinker in the BBC sitcom The Vicar of Dibleyknowledgeable the Telegraph, “We’re clearly terribly sad. She in truth used to be a monumental, monumental comedy performer—and a truly swish actress. And a young, candy, humorous, out of the ordinary, loving human being. In my work she worked opposite Shatter of day French and Julia Roberts—and used to be extra than the measure of the pair of them.”

Movie producer Jonathan Sothcott tweeted, “RIP the very perfect Emma Chambers – finest known for The Vicar of Dibley but additionally stole every scene in Notting Hill. Easiest 53.”

In type Photos

Julia Roberts’ Least Favourite Line

Build no longer effort, the freeway that left a unpleasant type in the massive title’s mouth used to be no longer “I am swish a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to cherish her.”

That will perhaps well well be tragic, would no longer it?

No, the one Roberts wasn’t keen on used to be when, restful tucked in bed, Anna tells Will, quoting Rita Hayworth in 1946’s Gilda, “‘They stir to bed with Gilda, they gain up with me.'”

“I abhor to tell anything else destructive about what Richard wrote, because he’s a genius, but I hated asserting that line,” she knowledgeable Vanity Animated. “To me, it used to be nails on a chalkboard. I produce no longer in truth possess any of that.”

Getty Shots

Extra to the Story?

Looks we’re no longer the finest ones who wondered how all of it modified into out for Anna and Will.

“I could verify recommendation from Julia about it sometime rapidly,” Curtis knowledgeable the Mirror in April 2019 about the doable of getting the band lend a hand together, as he did for Admire, In fact and Four Weddings and a Funeral mini-sequels, each for Britain’s Purple Nostril Day, and each of which had been rapturously received.

Roger Michell sounded extra skeptical about the likelihood, telling Her in 2018, “I swish do now not know what the yarn may perhaps well well be in a utter to be. Are Will and Anna restful living in Notting Hill with a load of grumpy teenagers operating around? I swish do now not know. In cherish tales, you may perhaps well well favor to interrupt up up and then gain lend a hand together again. In the event you potentially did that with a middle-aged couple living in Notting Hill, it may perhaps perhaps perchance in truth feel contrived.”

Roberts knowledgeable ET in October 2018 that on the present time she shall be extra susceptible to play “the fogeys of the of us who are rom-com-ing.”

“There came some degree in my profession where of us belief I had modified into on romantic comedies, which I cherish…I web to be in them, I web to sight them. But most regularly, they swish don’t work at a determined point of life trip.” It is now not about age, per se, “it is swish about what of us know that you appreciate.”

Smartly, we know that we’re right here for it.

(In the origin published Might perhaps well 13, 2019, at 3 a.m. PT)

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