18 Experiences About Creepy Behavior From Male Company That Demonstrate Why Or no longer it’s So Laborious For Females To Belief Males

Warning: This put up discusses sexual harassment.

Sadly, to be a lady on this planet capability you are doubtlessly going to fill to address creepy/nasty behavior from males. And the worst section? These kinds of males are searching to wax poetic about what “nice guys” they’re.

So when Reddit user u/TristanAurelius requested, “Females who ghosted a ‘nice guy’ buddy after he did one thing creepy, what used to be it?” I knew that the responses had been going to sadly be all too relatable. Right here are correct a couple of that effect why it would possibly possibly on occasion be so complicated for ladies folks to feel safe spherical males and have confidence their intentions.


“He punched a wall until his knuckles had been all bloody and sent me the photos because I was on a date and didn’t answer to his texts for care for 3 hours. He used to be ‘angry at himself’ that he used to be jealous, and ‘had to punish himself.'”



“He messaged my dad on Facebook to voice him that he used to be his ‘nemesis’ because I would no longer grasp spherical with him on my dad’s birthday.”



“He showed up at my work uninvited and hid spherical a corner. Then he texted me that I looked nice in my sweater.”



“He said he used to be feeling lonely and requested for a hug. I am no longer on the total a hugger, but I gave him a hug and he went straight in for the kiss. I don’t ponder I’ve ever backed some distance flung from any individual else that immediate.”



“I caught him sneakily recording a video of me without my consent during a pool occasion. He claimed he did now not even know his telephone used to be recording, and that it used to be an accident, so I requested to behold his telephone to verify and he refused. It used to be a chum’s birthday occasion so I did now not fabricate waves (did now not need to damage the occasion for the birthday girl), but I promptly blocked that guy on every thing and below no circumstances spoke to him every other time.”



“He requested me for photos of my toes, and after I said ‘f*ck no,’ he responded with, ‘I safe it, we are going to most certainly be able to correct faux this below no circumstances took effect.’ Uhhhh, No the f*ck we cannot, my dude.”



“He tried to kiss me whereas we had been hanging out one-on-one because his fiancée used to be in glum health and couldn’t fabricate it. Then accused me of main him on by hanging out one-on-one.”



“In excessive college a chum used to be sent away for behavior/mental health concerns for a couple of months. When he came again, in truth one of his first messages to me used to be asking if he can also eat me out because, ‘it’s been a protracted time since he did it.’ Never spoke every other time.”



“He known as my other folks’ house telephone. I below no circumstances gave him that quantity. I didn’t even know the volume.”



“He started asking an increasing model of invasive questions on where I was, who I was with, and what I was doing. When I tried to effect boundaries, he blamed me for no longer being there for him ample (we had known every other maybe 2-3 weeks) and went off on me for ‘main him on.’ When I counseled him I didn’t need to continue being pals, he cried that I was leaving him correct care for everybody else.”



“He waited for me on my young other folks’ trampoline in our yard after I wasn’t dwelling. He lived in my neighborhood and strolled over earlier and wished to grasp spherical, but I said I was busy, got in my automobile and drove away in front of him. I presumed he’d dawdle dwelling, but he didn’t! My other neighbor had a camera; he stayed there on my trampoline for 2.5 hours until I got dwelling with my young other folks and then used to be upset I wouldn’t let him inside of to grasp spherical whereas I effect aside them to mattress.”



“He wrote a admire song a couple of girl described as searching exactly care for me, sat down on my mattress, and looked deep into my eyes as he sang it to me. When I courteously counseled him this used to be essentially nice but I wasn’t involved, he known as me a immodest b*tch for assuming the song used to be about me.”



“I was out to dinner with him and my husband. He counseled my husband that he used to be going to exhaust me away, and that if he had found out me first, my husband would’ve below no circumstances had a possibility.”



“He counseled me he most traditional me and tried to kiss me after his brother started flirting with me. I would known him ad infinitum, counseled him every thing comparable to that you can a female buddy. There used to be below no circumstances even a label that he most traditional me.”



“He supplied to offer me a dawdle to a game for a co-ed group I correct joined (knew this guy from excessive college), and he counseled me the group goes out for dinner after, so I said I’d be half of. I found out out no one used to be going for food but me and him because he made it up. Never known as my dad to attain do away with me up so immediate.”



“He sent me photos of his d*ck, in shade and sad and white, and requested me which one used to be better. Males essentially don’t know how crushing it’s whereas you watched you’ve made a chum who respects you and essentially likes you as a particular person, finest to heed he’s correct been biding his time to sleep with you.”



And within the slay, “I had a ‘nice guy’ roommate at one point. He used to be consistently polite and cordial. My cat used to be in glum health, and spent a majority of the time in my room. I effect up a pet camera in my room so I will be able to also retain an perceive on her whereas I was at work. Within the future, I checked the camera and proper so took effect to behold my “nice guy’ roommate crawling out of my closet on all fours. That used to be fun.”


Bear you ever ever handled creepy or nasty behavior from a male buddy? Piece your tales within the comments.

Existing: Responses were edited for size/clarity.

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