13 Terrifying Coincidences That Made Us Think in Destiny

Optimistic contributors preserve the conviction that if an match is destined to unfold, the cosmos will orchestrate its alignment to accomplish particular that its realization. Whereas some coincidences would possibly perhaps perhaps very effectively be casually brushed apart as mere accidents, some defy mature explanations. The oldsters in our article were lucky ample to design destiny intervening in their lifestyles and changing it for the better.

  • I historical to salvage two buses home from work. I bought off the main one having left my phone and keys on the front seat of the bus without realising. Obtained on the 2nd bus, went to my favoured front seat, and my possessions that I didn’t know were lacking were waiting for me. The bus had modified driver and route. Quiet freaks me out to in this closing date. © bigphazell / Reddit
  • In freshman Physics, I became site visitors with the Jap kid next to me… After a whereas, he used to be helping me with my Jap homework. Nonetheless after that class, we kinda drifted apart. Mercurial forward 2 years and I’m an alternate student in Japan over the summer and doing some sightseeing in Kyoto after the program… I’m crossing the road in Kyoto and I hear my name being called out. I glimpse around and there he is! Thousands of miles apart we meet all once more. We bought some dazzling food collectively. It used to be a blast. (No, his reveal of starting build used to be now now not Kyoto, he used to be furthermore doing sightseeing whereas home for the summer). © blackbird2150 / Reddit
  • I met a Canadian man whereas on holiday in South The United States and we ended up going sightseeing collectively. At the terminate of the day, a person in the motivate of us tapped him on the shoulder and asked if the scar in the motivate of his ear used to be from most cancers surgical treatment. They bought talking. Turns out they were from the an analogous diminutive city in Canada, had the an analogous form of brain most cancers, and had been operated on by the an analogous surgeon. © falconfile / Reddit

  • In grade 10 English class, the trainer didn’t fetch one thing planned for us to build and it used to be shut to the terminate of the twelve months I bet, so she went to the massive cabinet in the nook and pulled out a stack of copies. It’s examples of a a hit essay written for the length of a final exam, so we can be taught what a dazzling one looks admire, suggestions to compose a legend, etc. The topic of these used to be What used to be the most pivotal moment of your lifestyles?

    There are three examples, ranging in proficiency. We be taught by the main two, and I volunteered to be taught the remaining one aloud. I commence studying… and I stay. The essay used to be about… me. My massive sister had gotten a in actuality dazzling designate 6 years earlier on her final exam essay which she wrote in regards to the day I was born. I bought moderately emotional about that one. © intersnatches / Reddit
  • I used to be sitting in a restaurant about 200 miles from the build I are residing telling my mom (who used to be visiting from a relatively a few country) about a day out I had to one more country (about 6000 miles away) with a work colleague, and the woman at the table next to us leans over and says ’I fetch you’re talking about my son.’ Turns out I was sitting next to my colleague’s other folks whereas showing my mum photos of our day out. © denkmit / Reddit
  • I fetch an uncommon remaining name and a now now not-too-long-established first name. I used to be in the effectively being middle for surgical treatment and the person in the subsequent room used to be there for the an analogous surgical treatment. Technique to discover that we were 2nd cousins and in no plan knew that the opposite existed. He had the an analogous name as me and his companion had the an analogous name as my companion. © Mynameisinuse / Reddit

  • Made up our minds to wear my ’Lucky Shirt’ for a job interview. The interviewer had the an analogous shirt. She said, ’Any individual with this shirt has huge taste, and is certainly employed.’ Splendid. Twist of fate. Ever.

    © nattiechambers / Reddit
  • I am an criminal legit. I met with a client pursuing disability advantages. Very sick and very sympathetic. She had an commence-and-shut case, to the point I even suggested that she file on her contain so she would possibly perhaps perhaps steer particular of paying me one thing.

    “You don’t know my maiden name, it’s (‘Ms. Smith’), you represented my brother two years previously. You arranged for members of the neighborhood to rebuild his home. If I terminate up paying $10,000 it would now now not be ample to quilt what you fetch gotten accomplished for my household.”

    I used to be inquisitive about quitting what I had accomplished, dazzling the day forward of. © FootHillsLawyer / Reddit
  • I used to be going to Malta from the US for a enterprise day out. I had a layover in Rome, so I extended it so I would possibly perhaps perhaps stay the weekend in Rome forward of the demonstrate. Optimistic ample, the bags didn’t accomplish it to Rome. I used to be urged they’d be going in on my same flight from Rome to Malta. Indicate up to Malta, no bags. There were a couple of colleagues on my flight and their baggage used to be furthermore lost. We submitted our claims, walked out of the airport defeated and a colleague nonchalantly/satirically said, that’s potentially your salvage in the bushes over there. IT WAS! © cfahnert13 / Reddit
  • I used to be born in the particular hour that my auntie died. It sounds as if, I am the spitting image of her.

    © roryroy2 / Reddit
  • When I used to be in highschool, I used to be aimlessly taking part in around our library in the future. Worship every tall public highschool, our library had hundreds of books quietly tucked away in shelves, and now now not often ever, if ever, touched. That day I pulled a e book at random from a shelf in the motivate and sat all the plan down to be taught it. After opening it, a slouch of paper fell out, and I snappy known the dashed ten digits written on it as a phone quantity. I mercurial be taught the quantity, and it used to be my older sister’s quantity, who had graduated my highschool years earlier. Somebody wrote her quantity and tucked it away right into a random e book in the motivate until I stumbled on it years later. © ImA10AllTheTime / Reddit

  • I lived in an dwelling in San Francisco for lots of years. I moved out. A couple of years later, I met a girl and we began courting. She lived in the particular same unit that I had lived in. I moved motivate into that unit. We fetch been married for 25 years. © Goldenbears55 / Reddit
  • My dad used to be visiting our summer home (he lives about 500 miles away). It used to be a windy day and this random man who used to be kayaking made up our minds to advance ashore and situation up camp on the seaside. We went and talked to the fella and supplied him to stay at our customer home. Turns out this man lives in the dwelling below my father and had paddled the total plan. The frigid element is that my dad (he is in a wheelchair) is having anxiety getting snow and ice off his automobile in the iciness but for the remaining two winters his automobile used to be mostly snow and ice-free in the morning. It turns out this man used to be taking care of that whenever he used to be doing it to his contain automobile. © catatawizard / Reddit

Many contributors fetch skilled at least one fateful twist of fate in their lives. If you are looking out for to be taught extra tales, take a look at out our outdated article!

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