The Remain advertising campaign have to outlive the referendum


“I DON’T want to stab the prime minister within the aid—I want to stab him within the entrance so I’m able to hit upon the expression on his face. It’s possible you’ll perchance well want to curve the knife, despite the indisputable fact that, on tale of we favor it aid for [George] Osborne.” This quote, attributed to a Conservative MP by the Sunday Times the day earlier than right this moment, signifies the headache that awaits the prime minister previous June 23rd. Because the referendum nears, the possibilities of a Tory leadership crisis afterwards, even within the occasion of a Remain vote, appear to be rising. Andrew Bridgen and Nadine Dorries, two perennial rebels, respect insisted that he’ll face a stutter. Or as their nameless colleague places it: “All now we want to attain is do away with the prime minister with a dwell boy or a ineffective lady and we are away.”

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