Safehaven Marine’s Voyager The Most attention-grabbing Companion For Expedition Yachts

Safehaven Marine builds boats which would perchance presumably perhaps be assemble, fleet (50 knots+), and in general tasked with navigating … [+] tough stipulations linked to search and rescue, naval and protection power ops, or piloting grand vessels. This XSV20 demonstration boat, Sing Dinky one, displays one other model because it makes manner round Greenland. Their most modern model, the T-2000 Voyager, is a fleet catamaran with worthy traces and some spectacular stats.

Photo By Safehaven Marine

Need a boat that works irritating, day after day, powering via the ocean’s most punishing stipulations at excessive tempo with valid seakeeping whereas having a thought entirely cool, mute, and serene? Safehaven Marine may presumably perhaps moreover warrant consideration. Luxury yacht homeowners are no longer going familiar with the marque, but any captain working in commercial, protection power, search and rescue, or every other irritating emergency operation is most likely a huge fan.

Safehaven builds boats for one of the critical most hardest working crews afloat. They’ve also salvage a form of UIM, World Motorboat Federation, world recordsdata, including the “Lengthy Method Round” Circumnavigation of Ireland via Rockall North in 2021 in their SXV20 boat, Sing Dinky one.

Safehaven Marine’s T-2000 Voyager Catamaran strutting her stuff out on sea trials with out plight attained 47 … [+] knot speeds, and that’s the rationale pre-hydrofoil installation. After that, speeds are predicted to tick up just a few knots to 55 in accordance with Safehaven Managing Director Frank Kowalski.

Safehaven Marine

That talked about, regardless of their 50+ knot top tempo, Managing Director of Safehaven Frank Kowalski emphasizes, “Safehaven Marine attain no longer construct ‘speed boats,” explaining what they attain construct: excessive tempo commercial and naval craft identified worldwide for their seakeeping and energy. Their fresh model, the T-2000 Voyager, whereas a extremely fleet, very capable, very handsome fresh invent by itself merit, appears a extremely valid match for fun, recreation, and leisure within the superyacht expedition area of interest.

Managing Director Frank Kowalski emphasizes that Safehaven Marine does not construct speed boats. They … [+] construct fleet, assemble, unswerving, excessive performance commercial and naval vessels. That description may presumably perhaps moreover soon have so that you have to add Expedition Yacht partner to the list.

Safehaven Marine

What Units Safehaven Aside

Established in 1996 and positioned in County Cork, Ireland, Safehaven Marine vessels are manufactured in two factories positioned nearby. All invent work is achieved in-home and built by an skilled crew of engineers, carpenters, electricians, shipwrights, and laminators.

More than 160 Safehaven vessels had been brought to 28 worldwide locations around the globe, including greater than 60 pilot boats. Diagnosed as the leader in this industry, the team of workers is mad about building absolutely the most productive pilot boats, patrol boats, naval and protection power craft, crew transfer vessels, and hydrographic ogle catamarans that know-how and skill enable. All are nostril-to-the-grindstone, assemble it achieved boats acclaimed for excessive standards of energy, engineering, tempo, wonderful seakeeping abilities, security, and reliability. P.S.: They also construct outlandish non-public custom vessels.

A Safehaven Pilot vessel is getting put via the paces right via irritating climate, ready to assemble via … [+] to assist, handbook, or rescue the place others may presumably perhaps moreover no longer even hope mount an strive.

Safehaven Marine

Safehaven’s Interceptor Pilot Boats

The Interceptor pilot boats are the backbone of Safehaven’s alternate, contributing about 80 p.c of their output. The Interceptors are strong, self-righting, monohull performers starting from 5 to 18 meters in dimension with skill to survive up to a sea train 8, running successfully in sea train 6, and defend excessive operational tempo in sea train 4. That’s precisely what’s wished to attain the daunting initiatives of a pilot boat.

Alongside Safehaven’s established XSV17 excessive tempo Interceptor built for the Soar Guard and XSV20 excessive tempo patrol vessels built for regulations enforcement, naval, and river operations, the fresh T-2000 Voyager is expanding the rapid in a huge manner. Voyager’s capabilities, paired with highly efficient valid appears, will most likely flip heads of expedition superyacht homeowners. Seems to be rather enjoy the acceptable marine energy couple.

T-2000 Voyager: An Expedition Yacht’s New Finest Buddy

The T-2000 Voyager measures 20 meters in dimension with a 6.25-meter beam, reasonably wider than the 5.4-meter beam on the XSV20 and the 4-meter beam of the XSV17 but can tranquil tuck well into marina spaces. The hydrofoil supported, symmetrical, semi-wave piercing hulls can tempo non-cease everywhere in the Atlantic Ocean.

Safehaven Marine’s T-2000 Voyager expands the line with a boat that’s each and each magnificence and beast, taking … [+] each and each compliments and challenges equally in plug.

Safehaven Marine

Inverted bows maximize waterline dimension to enhance displacement hull tempo and effectivity. The topside flare retains the boat dry, deflecting spray and minimizing bow immersion in following seas. To support in keeping the wander dry, the hull is designed with a double chine.

The bridge deck stops 3.5 meters attempting the bows to take care of waves slamming the bridge deck forward when forced by steep head seas to decelerate, a frequent plight with catamarans. Distance from the waterline to the bridge deck maintains a meter at the transom.

Safehaven’s T-2000 Voyager is off to total sea trials and accomplish the interiors, which will have to tranquil all … [+] wrap up by late summer season.

Safehaven Marine

Powered by a pair of MAN V12 1550 hp engines and Twin Disc MGX5146A gearboxes with France Helices SD5 floor drives, twin variable tempo thrusters for every and each bow and stern defend issues cool when securing or taking far off from a quay or marina. Mix that with snappy shift gearboxes, and berthing this somewhat beast is easy.

Launched in early March 2024, Voyager will continue to accept as true with sea trials and is expected to have inner work carried out by late summer season, prepared to expose the sector there is far more to this vessel than its gleaming exterior.

Safehaven Marine’s T-2000 Voyager catamaran kicks it up a notch right via sea trials.

Safehaven Marine

A extreme craft with spectacular capabilities, Voyager’s profile is nothing attempting sublime. The final construct + purpose vessel, if I ever bag myself in an emergency wretchedness at sea I am hoping there could be a Safehaven vessel nearby.

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