Right here’s How Considerable an Influencer With 21 Million Followers Makes on YouTube, Fb, and TikTok

Erika Kullberg, an criminal respectable with extra than 21 million followers on social media, wants all people to grab how a lot social media web sites undoubtedly pay.

Kullberg usually creates private finance assert for YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok and helps to find folks what they’re owed, like $1,000 if they’re bumped from a flight. One amongst Kullberg’s videos addresses how she paid off extra than $225,000 in pupil loans in decrease than two years. One other is ready her decision to forestall a $250,000 job in corporate law.

“YouTube is by some distance the excellent paying social media platform for me,” Kullberg urged Entrepreneur.

In a video posted to her accounts on Thursday, and earlier on her web put, Kullberg disclosed that she has two million subscribers on YouTube and her videos on the platform web received around 273 million views.

Erika Kullberg

A 48-2d YouTube video Kullberg uploaded in December 2022 that received 4.1 million views made her $106.85. A longer 12-minute YouTube video with fewer views (3.8 million) posted three years prior to now gave her a extra huge payout of $45,000 — for elegant one video.

Many of the cash — $44,900 out of $45,000 — got right here from look web page adverts.

Kullberg’s full earnings from YouTube for the last five years (before taxes and no longer including label sponsorships) used to be extra than $353,000.

@erikakullberg How a lot I receives a commission from social media ? The portions are elegant what platforms pay and don’t consist of sponsorships, which is one more formulation creators receives a commission! @Creators Agency ♬ popular sound – Money Lawyer Erika

Other platforms pay much less. The bulk of Kullberg’s following comes from TikTok, where she has 9.2 million followers and 542 million views. There, she has made $5,756 since she began posting two years prior to now.

Fb has paid Kullberg almost four events as a lot in the identical time physique. She has a following of 4.5 million on the platform and made $20,251 over about two years.

“It is undoubtedly no longer a lot extra work to monetize on rather a lot of platforms,” Kullberg urged Entrepreneur. “I’m the employ of the identical short videos and posting them throughout TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram, and Fb.”

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Kullberg has 5.3 million followers on Instagram but makes $0 from the platform attributable to Instagram doesn’t pay creators straight anymore.

Though Kullberg has now gathered a following, she shared that it took her about three months of posting one YouTube video per week to to find monetized. Being a social media influencer is the dream job for Gen Z, with 57% stating in a present issue that they may possibly be an influencer if given the probability.

Other generations need the popularity and fortune that social media popularity can bring, too — 41% of adults throughout all age groups stated they desired to be an “influencer” in the identical issue.

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A HypeAuditor earnings peep found that the popular annual earnings for an influencer used to be $35,640.

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