Low expectations cloud Labour’s abysmal local-elections performance

By Bagehot

YESTERDAY Theo Bertram, an adviser in Downing Road underneath Original Labour, blogged on the art of spinning local-election outcomes. He pointed to the event’s grim showing in 2007, when it misplaced 505 seats and the opposition Conservatives won 911, as proof of the wonders that efficiently surroundings expectations and framing outcomes can work. Having space the bar for the Tories ludicrously high, on that election evening Labour’s talking heads repeated and repeated the drawl that the opposition had fallen short and that their very have aspect had completed without its worst-case scenario. They banged on in regards to the Tories’ failure to capture Bury, an arbitrary and unrealistic yardstick. Clear adequate, references to Labour’s “terrible-nonetheless-no longer-disastrous” outcomes, and the Conservatives’ damning end result in Bury, popped up in each place the facts protection.

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