Lil Nas X’s ‘Christian Technology’: Rapper Embarks On Odd Marketing and marketing Campaign For Contemporary Single—Drawing Renewed Blasphemy Accusations


Earlier than the release of his original single “J Christ” on Friday, Lil Nas X has gone viral trolling followers in a form of on-line stunts—in conjunction with posting a video of himself dressed as Jesus taking shots, and making dubious claims the tune industry blackballed him—which has sparked some criticism of his employ of non secular imagery, while others if truth be told feel he’s orchestrating these controversies for consideration.

The rapper will descend his original song, “J Christ,” on Friday. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for … [+] iHeartMedia)

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Key Info

Lil Nas X, the rapper diagnosed for his chart toppers “Ancient City Freeway” and “Montero (Call Me By Your Title),” started teasing original tune in December by stating he’s coming into his “Christian period.”

Through the final week, he’s evoked Christian imagery within the advertising and marketing and marketing for his original single, “J Christ,” by posting quilt artwork depicting himself as Jesus on the tainted, claiming his original video will premiere in church buildings and importing a TikTok video of himself dressed as Jesus while taking shots of red wine and drinking communion wafers.

His on-line claims bear change into increasingly bizarre—in conjunction with his reportedly false claim that he would serve the conservative Liberty College for Biblical review, despite the proven fact that some were instant to uncover the fraudulent acceptance letter he posted became signed by the faculty’s now-deceased extinct president, Jerry Falwell.

The rapper additionally took intention at his trace and the tune industry in a group of videos, claiming he would descend his original tune independently after a scuffle with Columbia Records—despite the proven fact that his trace has been promoting his original single on social media.

Lil Nas X additionally claimed the media stopped supporting him after he adopted non secular imagery and vowed to “repeat” the tune industry for allegedly blackballing him—claims Billboard known as “increasingly ridiculous.”

Even supposing some skeptics bear accused the rapper of manufacturing controversies to market his original tune, Lil Nas X has said “no longer every little thing is a troll,” and he criticized participants for seeing “every little thing I function as a gimmick.”

Chief Critics

Some critics, in conjunction with controversial social media influencer Andrew Tate, took concern with Lil Nas X’s non secular advertising and marketing and marketing tactics, with Tate calling him “extraordinary” in a tweet. Kai Cenat, a in model streamer with extra than 8 million Twitch and Instagram followers, said he “hates” the rapper for his treatment of Christianity and declared that God will “take care of him.” Brett Cooper, a Daily Wire conservative commentator, accused Lil Nas X of “making a mockery” of Christianity. Some customers in model on Christian TikTok posted videos primary of the rapper, and a good deal of of Lil Nas X’s recent TikTok feedback are from customers who say they’re praying for him or urging him to ditch the non secular aesthetics.


Not every person is purchasing Lil Nas X’s “Christian period,” on the replacement hand, as some bear accused him of manufacturing controversies for advertising and marketing and marketing functions. Conservative pundit Candace Owens said she’s “previous the point of caring” about his controversial advertising and marketing and marketing tactics, accusing him of purposefully attempting to spark outrage amongst Christians for consideration. One TikTok, viewed extra than 300,000 times, wondered the rapper’s swap to Christian imagery after he notoriously adopted a Satanic honest for outdated tune videos. One meme that circulated X, beforehand diagnosed as Twitter, and loved extra than 34,000 times, states: “lil nas x have to you divulge him to sell his tune with out manufacturing controversy,” paired with a video of a man screaming.


The vital person’s controversial advertising and marketing and marketing near has resulted in wide social media engagement for each and each Lil Nas X and for tweets criticizing, or poking relaxing at, his Christian honest. The announcement of his single became loved extra than 55,000 times on X, and a dispute of the rapper wearing angelic clothes became loved extra than 32,000 times. A answer from “Satan”—a in model parody narrative on X with extra than 2.6 million followers—garnered extra than 100,000 likes, questioning the rapper: “did that lap dance mean NOTHING??” referring to Lil Nas X’s video for “Montero (Call Me By Your Title),” at some point soon of which he dances on Satan. Tate’s primary post relating to the rapper became loved extra than 83,000 times.

Key Background

The rapper is no stranger to sparking non secular controversy. In 2021, alongside his video for “Montero (Call Me By Your Title),” which featured an outline of Satan, the rapper launched “Satan Shoes” in collaboration with model label MSCHF. The label claimed the sneakers were made with a descend of human blood, and the product aspects a pentagram create, an inverted tainted and a reference to a Bible verse. The sneakers were altered variations of Nike Air Max 97s, despite the proven fact that Nike sued MSCHF for the unauthorized employ of its product, reaching a settlement that allowed prospects to bag their a refund.

Main Quote

“My original single is dedicated to the person that had the excellent comeback of all time!” Lil Nas X said in his announcement of “J Christ.”

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