Ibstock swoops for concrete specialist Coltman Precast

Coltman specialises in making hollowcore flooring panels and staircases at its 9.25-acre facility in Sutton Coldfield.

The deal will enable Ibstock to elongate its most neatly-liked range and lift manufacturing capability to assist its flooring and structural concrete progress plans.

Established in 1972, Coltman Precast’s central get 22 situation complements Ibstock’s present flooring factories in the South (Sittingbourne) and the North (Dewsbury), enabling the enterprise to competitively say a elephantine portfolio of precast concrete products at a nationwide level.

Tim Wright, commercial gross sales operations director at Ibstock, acknowledged: “The acquisition of a brand as infamous and revered as Coltman Precast is a vital milestone for Ibstock.

“We mediate it extra increases Ibstock Crew’s ability to preserve watch over the short-duration of time challenges that are being impacted by the wider economic climate, whereas serving to us idea and work in direction of longer duration of time success.”

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