How Local Agencies Can Compete with Increased Competitors

February 28, 2024

In 2020, Kwame Spearman left his consulting job in Original York Metropolis to blueprint shut over an iconic self reliant book shop, the Tattered Quilt E book Retailer in Denver, Colorado—his fatherland.

Spearman seen an replacement to reinvent the native industry to originate a workers home after the pandemic. Nonetheless to preserve the shop a success, he had determine easy the finest method to compete with online shops and immense field shops, amid technological switch and difficult industry devices.

In this episode, Harvard Replace College affiliate professor Ryan Raffaelli is joined by Spearman to focus on his case, “Kwame Spearman at Tattered Quilt: Reinventing Brick-and-Mortar Retail.” He and Spearman display veil easy the finest method to residing sustainable wages for staff and why workers engagement is a key a part of the shop’s approach for instruct.

Key episode matters include: approach, management, marketing, innovation, retail and user goods, books, wages, workers engagement. 

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