Building a valuable data market: Knovigator rebrands to Treechat

Previously identified as has rebranded as an “infinitely threaded chat for valuable dialog with folks and AI.” Treechat permits users to save threads with synthetic intelligence (AI) give a enhance to, where users can eliminate their model to add context to the threads. I caught up with the creator of Treechat, Dmitriy Fabrikant.

Why rebrand from Knovigator to Treechat, with a spotlight on AI?

Dmitriy Fabrikant: Knovigator used to be a play on words: Knowledge + Navigator, nevertheless used to be too mysterious and refined to be aware. Treechat is more uncomplicated to be aware and additional descriptive. Treechat is an infinitely threaded writing and conversational canvas. Each and every message in a thread can department into a brand new sub-thread, the sub-thread messages can department into their very beget sub-threads, and loads others. As we write, we develop a tree construction to spend and arrange our pondering… as a consequence of this truth Treechat.

Paradoxically, the development grants higher freedom by mirroring the associative nature of our pondering: our thoughts is continuously generating tangents, i.e., branches. Other chat particular person interfaces force you to mix a pair of tangents into a single inch. Here is complicated, and the friction can reason you to abandon fleeting suggestions. Treechat lets you like a flash department off a sub-thread, creating a neighborhood to locate your conception fully by your self or with others.

Branches ranking connected messages, making past conversations straightforward to get and reuse. In Treechat, our conversations become resources succesful of being valued and expanded. This same branching construction will be outdated as a manner to arrange every other data, as in an account for to draft a unique, or as a non-public file system by attaching recordsdata to our messages.

Why the dear target on AI? AI is a extremely effective instrument to amplify human intelligence and creativity. Andrej Karpath no longer too lengthy ago tweeted that the factual methodology to AI is as intelligence amplification, which is our function.

e/ia – Intelligence Amplification

– Doesn’t learn about to fabricate superintelligent God entity that replaces folks.

– Builds “bicycle for the thoughts” tools that empower and prolong the information processing capabilities of folks.

– Of all folks, no longer a top percentile.

– Faithful to…

— Andrej Karpathy (@karpathy) January 8, 2024

Existing social networks lack the ravishing incentives so as to pursue this because they must in a roundabout intention assist advertisers and farm their users’ consideration. Anybody who has been distracted by an ad understands this.

At Treechat, we’re working to amplify our users’ intelligence, whether or no longer with AI at a particular person level or with consideration/data markets on the Bitcoin SV blockchain at a collective level.

Why implement AI aspects within the threads?

Dmitriy Fabrikant: I by no methodology are making an strive to resolve before time if I’m writing for folks or writing for AI and ought to eliminate varied tools looking out on the answer. I are making an strive to initiate writing and invite AI brokers inner and out of dialog as mandatory. In Treechat, AI brokers and folks can interact in a collaborative manner with users having gorgeous-grained maintain watch over over what an AI responds to.

Having your notes, dialog, and AI brokers on the same platform makes it straightforward to get and use valuable data no matter its provenance.

Treechat additionally lets you resolve which models to envision with. Here is purposeful because models beget varied capabilities and replace-offs: commercial models beget increased reasoning capability nevertheless censor extra than initiate-source models, some models beget higher context size nevertheless are much less staunch. You shouldn’t wish to swap apps to get actual of entry to these capabilities, so we save them all in Treechat.

How are micropayments built-in?

Dmitriy Fabrikant: I focal level on what I price one of the dear about social networks is finding valuable data, so at Treechat we’re continuously pondering how we are succesful of be showing you likely the Most unprecedented data at any given moment. The venture is that we’re flooded with data, and now, with generative AI, this may well perhaps well be an even bigger venture.

To unravel it, our function is to fabricate a social network that kick-begins an data market to price inform material and use that price to curate likely the Most unprecedented data, for particular particular person empowerment, and superior collective coordination. In my witness, Bitcoin SV is the fitting blockchain cheap sufficient and scalable sufficient to manufacture this.

Our first strive at this used to be to “upvalue” messages.

Upvalue is “upvoting” with cash, nevertheless no longer like cheap upvotes, even small upvalues require a particular person to sacrifice BSV in notify to ship an factual stamp about what they price.

As messages are upvalued, they rise in search rankings, creating a frequent consideration market where upvaluing messages purchases consideration for them as users stumble upon them extra continuously.

However, since discovering locking on BSV, we decided to relaunch utilizing locking because the dear signaling mechanism. Locking works in a identical manner to upvalue by requiring users to incur an (opportunity) price to truthfully stamp the price of a particular message, nevertheless since the actual person gets their a reimbursement eventually, the price of locking decrease-friction and increased adoption.

Are threads posted on-chain? Why or why no longer?

Dmitriy Fabrikant: We beget a working prototype, scheduled for originate within the subsequent few weeks, which robotically posts public threads on-chain, at no price to users.

For users, posting on-chain lets in them to beget their data and to witness it with any appropriate shopper in unique and moving methods with out being trapped in a walled garden.

For builders, having get actual of entry to to particular person data on-chain can permit us to experiment with unique particular person experiences over that data with out having to face the frosty-initiate venture of no longer having any inform material to existing confronted by builders working within the outdated paradigm.

hodlocker - arghzero
Supply: hodlocker

How will Treechat be interoperable?

Dmitriy Fabrikant: We’re working on making Treechat as interoperable as imaginable. We can put up public threads on-chain utilizing the bSocial protocol. Users are likely to be no longer locked into our platform when posting publicly, and others can create clients to eat the inform material our users generate.

In an upcoming originate, we are succesful of initiate ingesting the bSocial feeds of alternative apps on the BSV blockchain, including HodlockerTwetch, and Retrofeed, which will be confirmed as first-class Treechat threads.

Other platforms don’t currently existing posts from other bSocial apps, nevertheless it absolutely may well well well be frigid if users can answer in Treechat and beget these existing up in Hodlocker, as an illustration. Our hope is that builders will join us in displaying other bSocial posts of their apps.

What if your social network used to be optimized for turning in you price, in space of for harvesting your consideration for advertisers?

— (@treechatai) January 5, 2024

Why add locking coins as a methodology of curation?

Dmitriy Fabrikant: We started curating Treechat inform material utilizing Upvalue, nevertheless after we saw a community constructing spherical locking on Hodlocker, we investigated and decided to add locking.

Cherish Upvalue, locking permits users to ship an factual stamp of quality with a small sacrifice. Users who lock incur a probability price since they can’t exhaust or make investments locked coins, nevertheless no longer like upvalue, the users eventually get their a reimbursement, which makes locking a decrease-price, decrease-friction, and more uncomplicated-to-adopt manner of signaling with cash.

Locking additionally has moving second-mumble effects. While the actual particular person that locks incurs a probability price, by locking up BSV, they decrease its supply, benefitting other BSV holders.

Locking is additionally extra resilient in opposition to sybil assaults than upvalue.

Which BSV pockets(s) will be supported?

Dmitriy Fabrikant: For the initial version, we now beget got developed custodial wallets based fully on SHUAllet.js.

Soon, we are succesful of be releasing give a enhance to for non-custodial wallets like Panda Pockets. Going ahead, it’d be frigid to save a list of wallets we’re pondering supporting and beget the community use locking to vote on which wallets to prioritize supporting.

How does Treechat study to Windbell, a bookmarking software program built on BSV?

Dmitriy Fabrikant: We don’t beget loads of expertise utilizing Windbell, nevertheless it absolutely appears to be like to be like as if there is loads of overlap in our motivation. We each and every peep the corrupting have an effect on of the selling model on how social networks prioritize what users hear to.

We additionally beget aspects in frequent, including what Treechat calls clipping, which lets users spend inform material from any place on the on-line by a Chrome extension or from other social networks by the mobile share menu utilizing our mobile app, currently in Beta (

Treechat’s major focal level is on social curation. In Treechat, clipping is a Treechat’s infinitely threaded canvas, the inform material is indexed and turns into searchable, annotatable, and shareable with other Treechat users, and soon with on hand AI brokers. Cherish native Treechat posts, one of the dear moving-captured inform material will be locked on to stamp quality.

We witness at Clipping as a straightforward manner to ranking valuable data so we can initiate collaboratively curating it for after we want it most.

Why may well well well aloof we use treechat as in opposition to other inner most notetaking applications corresponding to Abet, OneNote, and loads others.?

Dmitriy Fabrikant: I focal level on an infinitely threaded, multi-dimensional writing medium, that may well well pass with out grief between single and multi-player modes, is a extra extremely effective instrument for exploring our pondering and participating on suggestions. As soon as we couple this with an consideration market succesful of successfully prioritizing our collective consideration, Treechat turns into a extremely effective instrument for human coordination.

More than a number of us are hoarding our most moving data in inner most existing silos… Treechat goals to bridge the outlet between inner most notetaking and social sense-making by providing an incentive to share and curate our Most unprecedented data, for our particular particular person and collective wait on.

Thank you Dmitriy, for taking the time to answer to my questions. I hope the readers learned extra about treechat and their plans at some point soon.

This text used to be lightly edited for clarity and grammatical applications.

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