BTC-e Co-founder Quiet on US Most Wished Checklist

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  • The US Secret Provider’s Ten Most Wished Fugitives is a showcase of the country’s worst monetary criminals
  • Amongst them is BTC-e co-founder Alexsey Bilyuchenko, who’s accused of hacking MtGox and serving to to launder the funds
  • Bilyuchenko’s account parallels that of his affiliate Alexander Vinnik, who’s getting willing to plead guilty within the BTC-e case

The US Secret Provider’s Ten Most Wished Fugitives is a who’s who of monetary crooks, some of whom reach with a $10 million bounty if arrested/convicted. They encompass hackers, credit card scammers, money launderers, and more. Amongst their amount is a name familiar to other folks who know a little bit regarding the darker facet of crypto: BTC-e co-founder Alexsey Bilyuchenko. His accomplice, Alexander Vinnik, is getting willing to plead guilty to his characteristic in working BTC-e, however Bilyuchenko’s account is finest a little crazier than that of his ragged partner.


Aleksey Viktorovich Bilyuchenko became as soon as born in Novosibirsk in central Russia in 1980 and developed a keenness and skills for laptop programs, main him to pursue a career in IT. This peaked when he become the IT supervisor for a Russian furniture store chain, however he gave that up and turned to the sad facet, launching BTC-e alongside Vinnik in Crimea in 2011.

BTC-e launched honest months after the first of several at closing fatal hacks on the MtGox substitute, where the majority of the 850,000 bitcoins stolen from the synthetic between 2011 and 2014 would damage up.  BTC-e purchased off to a slack open, securing finest 20,000 prospects by the damage of 2012, while MtGox had around ten events that. Alternatively, BTC-e’s fragment became as soon as lower as a result of it attracted a extremely specific form of clientele: criminals.

BTC-e actively obscured particular person accounts and exercise, anonymized transactions and the provision of funds, and lacked any anti-money laundering controls. In transient, it became as soon as designed for the perpetrators of any monetary crimes to money out their in dreadful health-gotten gains nearly utterly anonymously, now no longer no longer like Liberty Reserve.

Goodbye MtGox

BTC-e proved to be a extremely common carrier, with hackers, ransomware scammers, identity thieves, detestable public officials and narcotics distribution rings all making expend of its money laundering facilities to the tune of billions of bucks. As MtGox stuttered after which collapsed in 2014, BTC-e became as soon as there to take up the items; by October 2014 it had grown to nearly 570,000 users, with many praising its slick performance when put next to MtGox’s crumbling infrastructure in its final weeks.

By the autumn of 2016, BTC-e became as soon as the third very finest Bitcoin substitute on the planet by day after day quantity, and it appeared worship Vinnik and Bilyuchenko’s operation became as soon as going to be fascinating for the head field sooner than prolonged. Alternatively, the US authorities were already onto BTC-e and its founder, resulting in Vinnik being arrested in Greece in July 2017. Vinnik historic his mobile telephone name to talk to his mother, who herself then made a mobile telephone name to Bilyuchenko, warning him of what had honest took convey. Panicking that he’ll be subsequent, Bilyuchenko, himself on vacation in Crete, took his laptop to the wing near his resort, smashed it to items towards the rocks, threw it into the ocean and caught the first flight reduction to Moscow.


Bilyuchenko convey about resuscitating BTC-e, using its database to starting up WEX (World Exchange Services) alongside Belarusian affiliate Dmitry Vasiliev. Issues began neatly for WEX, however within the summer season of 2018 prospects began to journey withdrawal complications. The synthetic became as soon as taken offline six months later, with the $450 million worth of cryptocurrencies on its books vanishing without a creep. Bilyuchenko became as soon as naturally suspected however, when prospects in Russia and Khazakstan began to file police reviews, suspicion fell as a change on the man that Bilyuchenko had build within the sizzling seat: CEO Dmitry Vasiliev. 

When Bilyuchenko became as soon as summoned to testify as fragment of the investigation into Vasiliev, he told an incredible account: in a entice convey up by one of his monetary backers, Konstantin Malofeyev, Russian security carrier operatives had coerced Bilyuchenko into handing over the whole WEX holdings in April 2018 on grounds of national security. Easiest afterwards had Bilyuchenko it appears stumbled on out that they were imposters employed by Malofeyev.

 Someway, Bilyuchenko’s account labored, and he became as soon as now no longer arrested, with the authorities as a change zeroing in on Vasiliev, who became as soon as arrested at the third strive in Croatia in 2022.


By now, nonetheless, Russian authorities had seemingly twigged that something about Bilyuchenko’s account didn’t add up, and he became as soon as arrested in March at a non-public airfield in Moscow on prices of misappropriating the WEX funds. Intelligent officers stumbled on 190 million Russian roubles ($1.7 million) in profit two suitcases in his possession while officers having a stare residences belonging to Bilyuchenko and his accomplices seized every other 50 million roubles ($425,000), $1 million and €70,000 in money as neatly as laptop gear, hardware crypto wallets, luxury items, and documents. 

Bilyuchenko became as soon as taken to his dwelling city of Novosibirsk in central Russia, where he became as soon as also hit with a civil instruct over the loss. Bilyuchenko became as soon as stumbled on guilty of embezzlement in September 2023 and became as soon as jailed for 3 and half years, having appealed to Vladimir Putin himself for clemency over the ten years he became as soon as expected to fetch.

In June 2023, while Bilyuchenko became as soon as within the heart of this trial, prices towards him were unsealed regarding the 2011-2014 hack on MtGox:

In or about September 2011, Aleksandr Verner and Alexey Bilyuchenko, the defendants, and their co-conspirators…gained and triggered others to manufacture unauthorized discover admission to to the Mt. Gox server in Japan, which contained, amongst other things, the Mt. Gox customer and transaction database and the interior most keys for Mt. Gox’s Bitcoin wallets.

Bilyuchenko is charged with money laundering conspiracy and working an unlicensed money products and companies industrial, prices which manufacture clear that that, when he is launched from penal complex for the WEX affair, Bilyuchenko may possibly well perchance now no longer ever be in a put to leave Russia for a country that has an extradition treaty with the US.

Extracts from Final Catastrophe – How MtGox Misplaced Half a Billion Greenbacks and Virtually Killed Bitcoin by Designate Hunter.

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