ZA/UM resolves precise dispute with Disco Elysium producer Kaur Kender

Ex-employee has repaid all cash owed owed to studio and divest his shares in ZA/UM

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The ongoing precise dispute between Disco Elysium studio ZA/UM and the sport’s producer Kaur Kender has been resolved.

ZA/UM studio has announced that ex-staffer Kender has repaid all cash owed owed to it.

Also, per a court docket expose, Kender has repaid CEO Ilmar Kompus for precise charges from a lawsuit that used to be at final withdrawn serve in December. Moreover, he’s divested all his shares in the games company.

“I’m thankful for the years of belief and cooperation with the team, which made Disco Elysium a a hit mission,” talked about Kender. “After leaving my plump-time feature, I filed a lawsuit which I realized, after seeing the facts, used to be wrong.”

The data comes after a chain of claims surfaced in opposition to the Disco Elysium maker from Kender, and ZA/UM shareholders emerged in direction of the tail halt of 2022.

In October 2022, it used to be reported that three key creators, Helen Hindpere, Robert Kurvitz, and Aleksander Rostov, left the corporate “involuntarily.”

ZA/UM Studio says each Kurvitz and Rostov agree with dropped their “unfair dismissal” claims which capability that of lack of evidence.

On the change hand, the corporate says it continues to face a “sequence of baseless allegations from worn workers” and expects extra claims to “fall apart under precise and correct scrutiny.”

Later in the month, a lawsuit used to be filed in opposition to the studio by Telomer, an organization that integrated Kurvitz – author of the Disco Elysium unique and vogue designer of the sport – as a board member.

In November 2022, a lawsuit filing alleged that Kompus spent €4.8 million ($5.1 million) in company funds to in finding a majority a part of the studio.

Following Kender’s bolt smartly with withdrawal in opposition to Tütreke, the ZA/UM’s majority shareholder, Kompus and Tütreke paid €4.8 million ($5.1 million) serve to ZA/UM.

“As this transaction shows, open discussions are the finest formula to particular up misunderstandings and differences, particularly when it is for the finest thing about the team,” talked about Kompus.

“We agree with approached this with the collective hobby of ZA/UM and our inconceivable team in mind, and we’re delighted to agree with reached a plump resolution.”

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