‘Westworld’ Actress Aurora Perrineau on That Ultimate Twist and Her Personality’s “Angry Max War Canine Order”

[This story contains major spoilers for the fourth episode of Westworld season four, “Generation Loss.”]

When Aurora Perrineau graced Westworld‘s season four premiere carpet in unhurried June, she used to be the ideal one from the video display’s newer forged in attendance to keep up a correspondence to the press.

In a methodology, the actress — who performs a personality identified as C and whose connection to 1 among the HBO video display’s main storylines used to be revealed on the tip of episode four — used to be a human spoiler, love her mum co-stars. But with her introduction in episode three and Sunday night’s demonstrate, more of Perrineau’s role is now in animated(er) center of attention.

Dwelling in a desolate tract station amongst a neighborhood of human rebels staving off Charlotte’s (Tessa Thompson) contemporary world picture, C is having a opt up for a methodology to search out her father, Aaron Paul’s Caleb, and a supposed weapon which will even be feeble against humankind’s contemporary host overlords.

With the appearance of Jeffrey Wright’s Bernard and Luke Hemsworth’s Stubbs, C defies the fears of her desolate tract family and skeptically follows the host and his human excellent friend to a station the attach they unearth a weapon that can supposedly pause Charlotte. What — or in fact who — is mendacity beneath the grime finds C’s sparkling identity and teases her ability role in what is now a literal battle for free will.

Perrineau spoke to The Hollywood Reporter on the video display’s premiere after which again earlier than Sunday’s episode about joining the Westworld family, her character’s substantial twist and what’s next for the contributors taking on Charlotte.

What used to be it love as an actor to step into the universe of Westworld the attach there’s this vogue of Russian doll storytelling methodology?

In spite of everything, it used to be a little bit of less complicated than I thought for me on myth of my character felt a little bit of separated from all of those storylines, so I felt love I might well get into it a little bit of more and it attain more from an emotional station as against an analytical station. I contemplate used to be in fact precious for me. I felt unpleasant for everyone else who used to be love, “OK, and this connects to that and this connects to that.” (Laughs.)

How unheard of did you already learn about your character’s genuine identity going into the video display? 

Nothing. I didn’t know the relaxation. I obtained the scripts earlier than each episode — you get it lawful earlier than the episode after which you shoot it. So it used to be continuously a surprise. My first episode, I was love, “Oh, I get to work with Jeffrey Wright and Luke Hemsworth. That’s so fucking frigid.” It grew to grow to be into love, “OK, frigid, I don’t know who this girl is, nonetheless that’s stress-free.” Then I obtained the script for four while we were shooting already and that used to be a substantial surprise. I had no thought. I called one among the producers and I was love, “Wait a minute, am I Aaron’s daughter?”

So your characterization of her used to be shaped beginning in fact in episode four. 

Yes, for certain. I had a theory of what my own backstory used to be for myself that I had made up for 3 after which after I obtained the script for four, it reinvigorated issues that I already felt in thought. But it with out a doubt additionally then gave me unheard of more of a reason to why I’m doing the issues that I’m doing, which used to be great precious for the remainder of the season. It’s nice to know this is why you raise out these gadgets, as against lawful making a random wager.

Your character used to be obviously young when her father, Caleb, vanishes, and the methodology this episode ends, we survey your demonstrate, nonetheless additionally the world that Charlotte has constructed. C is with out her mother here. Are we going to get an explanation this season of why she’s no longer?

Yeah, in general, you’ll survey what your total explain is with the total rebels and why we’re all there and what’s transpired. You’ll survey some backstory taking place.

How unheard of does she learn about the fate of her father, especially in gentle of the beautiful “weapon” — Maeve — they unearth. 

I don’t contemplate she is conscious of the relaxation. It’s form of what she acknowledged to [Bernard]: “No one believes that there’s a thing out here and I don’t even know if I imagine that there’s a weapon available. I lawful know that I contemplate my father is there and that’s my main aim.” She didn’t know. She had heard these rumors, and additionally they’d all heard these rumors. It’s love an city legend of this thing that took place in this station. So I contemplate for her, she used to be lawful going there to make a decision on up if her dad used to be there. It’s a shock for her to make a decision on up that the weapon is this girl that she maybe noticed in her childhood and doesn’t in fact know love, “How is that a weapon? I contemplate that’s potentially what’s going on.”

This episode in fact embraced the Westworld storytelling vogue of taking part in with time through that Caleb demonstrate. Close you already know when your character is when it comes to the different storylines?

I honestly don’t even have an acknowledge for you. That’s the attach I’m saved on the nighttimes so as that I don’t spoil issues. (Laughs.)

Your neighborhood of desolate tract rebels is with out a doubt the ideal vision to this level of flesh and bone humanity we have in Charlotte’s contemporary world. And the video display is continuously exploring the theme of what it manner to be human. How raise out you contemplate the rebels will broaden that this season? 

There’s a throughline of the video display, I contemplate, which is this thought of free will. I contemplate that our neighborhood is well those who’re aloof in that mindset of free will and what that with out a doubt manner and that’s why they don’t desire the adjust. You’ll proceed to make a decision on up that be their aim. That’s lawful representative of what the video display has continuously been about, it’s lawful now a little bit of bit pretty a range of with what the free will is and who it’s for.

C meets Luke and Jeffrey’s characters first out of her neighborhood and no topic that tense introduction, she’s basically the most trusting of them. What does that notify about who your character has grow to be in this contemporary world? 

When I read three, I hadn’t read four yet, so I contemplate I was trusting nonetheless no longer as unheard of. When I read four, I was love, “OK, you raise out the relaxation it is in all probability you’ll perchance maybe for admire, lawful?” We all raise out issues that maybe are no longer basically the most sane, and I contemplate that she has positively saved loads of who she used to be when she used to be a baby, which is she’s very tough. But on the tip of the day, she’s obtained Endure-Endure and Endure-Endure wants the lights on. There is this share of her that’s aloof a baby on myth of she had to grow up so rapidly and I contemplate that’s form of why — I wouldn’t notify she’s so commence to what’s taking place, nonetheless she in fact, in fact desires something. And I contemplate must you with out a doubt desire something, you usually raise out issues against your simplest judgment. I contemplate that’s maybe the attach she’s at. Her crew doesn’t desire this thing as unheard of as she desires it.

When your character determined to have confidence Bernard, it used to be clearly a substantial deal as every person else normally acknowledged, “We desire to defend them out straight away.” In general, it is in all probability you’ll perchance maybe’t continuously have confidence who you survey or what you survey and who’s up to flee in this video display. So does your character in fact have confidence him and how will he match into their plans? 

At this 2d in time, it’s a thing of no one trusts Bernard — I don’t even potentially in fact have confidence Bernard. I lawful desire something from him. So I contemplate it’ll be keen to make a decision on up how that progresses with every person in the stand up neighborhood, with him and myself.

I noticed a neighborhood of you — Jeffrey, your fellow contemporary castmembers — taking a selfie on the carpet a pair weeks ago, which is extremely cute. I imagine you all bonded pretty a bit. What used to be it love working with Jeffrey, working with pretty a range of long-established castmembers and the contemporary crew? 

He used to be so mountainous to me and I felt love he used to be form of my bestie on say. He positively had my back, which used to be a nice thing must you’re coming on a video display. I contemplate he lawful is conscious of everything so well. He lawful comes and is conscious of what’s taking place and he gets it done. You feel comparable to it is in all probability you’ll perchance maybe educate the leader with him, which is candy. I contemplate working with the total OG contributors — we’ll notify it love that (Laughs.) — used to be in fact very excellent and additionally they were all very welcoming. But having the amateur crew used to be nice on myth of we bonded on the incontrovertible truth that none of us know the relaxation, and we’re all love, “Is this OK? Are we doing this lawful?” It used to be stress-free. Love a substantial, gigantic family.

Close we are waiting for you to be working with castmembers outdoor of the desolate tract? 

I positively get to work with Jeffrey and Luke and that’s been very excellent. Then my two others, obviously as you noticed in the selfie, are love Daniel Wu and Morningstar Angeline. I contemplate that they’re lawful very excellent. I had this form of mountainous time with them. We with out a doubt bonded over lawful being so scorching and being in the desolate tract and me and Morningstar having to kiss when it’s 100 degrees out. We’re lawful so sweaty and disgusting and lawful being love, “Successfully, we’re lawful gonna trudge in,” and now we’re simplest pals. I survey her at any time when she comes to L.A. or if I’m in Recent Mexico. We get to have a in fact stress-free roam collectively in the video display and I’m excited for folk to make a decision on up that.

Your neighborhood is, not like the remainder of the solid, working in a in fact dry commence air station. It’s no longer that metal, frigid say explain. What used to be it love being out in the aspects? 

I positively expected the say explain (Laughs.), nonetheless for me it no lower than in fact added to this Angry Max battle dog explain the attach it’s love we’ve lawful been out here attempting to be about this reason and battle this thing. I contemplate that it honestly helps that we were scorching and sweating. You’re feeling in fact tough and likewise you’re feeling hardened available. In the intervening time, you’re lawful strolling to your trailer after this. (Laughs.) But you positively get this thought of feeling comparable to you’re in fact in it and experiencing maybe what it might perchance well be desire to are residing in that methodology.

You additionally talked about Morningstar, who performs C’s associate. The video display loves to explore, in conjunction with through Caleb and C’s familial relationship, how characters are forced to have choices and what’s on the core of their humanity. Will your two characters’ romantic relationship contact on that besides? 

I don’t know if it explores that too unheard of. When I first read, it used to be love, “OK, this does feel a little bit of bit love that form of relationship,” nonetheless I contemplate because it goes on, we’re the yin and yang to each pretty a range of. We both defend each pretty a range of stage-headed on myth of I contemplate we’re both a little bit of bit ready to transfer at any time. I contemplate that’s what makes them stress-free to be collectively. They have gotten a very candy relationship.

What are you most excited for viewers to make a decision on up with C going forward and what can they are waiting for for the remainder of the season? 

I contemplate to make a decision on up the progression of what she’s attempting to get to and the attach she ends up and what she’s in fact combating for. I’m most excited for them to make a decision on up her humanity on myth of I contemplate must you’re staring at it, you form of wonder why she behaves a determined methodology. We’re going to transfer on a substantial, substantial roam with her and I contemplate it’s going to be a in fact stress-free one. I’m going to get to explore loads of issues that I haven’t explored in any pretty a range of character earlier than.

Interview edited for size and clarity. 

Westworld airs contemporary episodes Sundays on HBO. 

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