Watch: Full The Odd Boar GNCC Bike Highlights & Results

Video: RacerTV

The third round (of 12) of the 2023 Mountainous National Cross Country (GNCC) Series took teach over the weekend at Aonia Dawdle MX in Washington, Georgia. Husqvarna-mounted Craig Delong claimed his first total draw end of the season—and of his career—prior to Josh Strang (Kawasaki) and Steward Baylor Jr. (KTM), but Baylor got a one-feature penalty after the whisk. Ben Kelley (KTM) used to be bumped up to third teach and the #530 takes possession of the aspects lead following the whisk.

Watch fleshy bike (youth, WXC, Pro) protection from The Odd GNCC.

Be taught the submit-whisk The Odd GNCC press launch.

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