Vale: Hasty, stable, and easy programming language

Vale is the instant, stable, and easy programming language.

Vale’s plan is to show the field that trail and safety may maybe well well well additionally merely even be easy! Vale is:

  • Hasty: Vale is an AOT compiled, statically-typed language that makes insist of the unusual generational references methodology for memory-stable adjust over files layout.
  • Stable: It is the most salvage native language, using dispute isolation and “Dauntless FFI” to back withhold extern code’s bugs from affecting Vale objects.
  • Simple: Its unusual use on regions will enable alternate memory management and allocation programs, with the planned dispute borrow checker enabling easy interop between them, and casting off the overwhelming majority of generational references’ overhead.

Read comparisons with C++, Javascript, and Rust!

Upcoming Functions:

Now we comprise some ambitious needs, to elevate several unusual recommendations into the programming world:

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That contains:

exported func main() {

println(“Howdy world!”);


exported func main() {

planets = [#][“Venus”, “Earth”, “Mars”];

foreach planet in planets {

println(“Howdy “ + planet +!”);



Howdy Venus!
Howdy Earth!
Howdy Mars!

Vale is segment of the Vale Language Carrying out, which explores, discovers, and publishes unusual programming language mechanisms that enable trail, safety, and ease of insist.

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