Trading for BNC, FIDA and OGN Begins Now For USA and CA!

Following Kraken’s listings of Bifrost (BNC), Bonfida (FIDA), and Foundation Protocol (OGN) for lots of worldwide locations, Kraken is angry to notify the offer of these tokens for residents of the US and Canada!

Funding and Trading

Funding and buying and selling are are residing. Preserve an stare on the web page net page for updates.

You would possibly perhaps perhaps add these tokens to your Kraken narrative by navigating to Funding, deciding on the asset, and hitting Deposit. Deposits require 20 confirmations (~5 minutes) for all, rather than for FIDA (which would possibly perhaps perhaps be stop to-on the spot). 

All tokens are tradeable on Kraken and the Kraken Official interface with the next minimal deposits and forex pairs accessible:

Asset Minimum deposit Impress precision
BNC 0.5 BNC 2
OGN 25 OGN 4

Right here’s what it’s a truly powerful to know in regards to the resources:

Bifrost (BNC) – Bifrost affords staking liquidity to someone gaining access to its community. This style token holders can stake any cryptocurrency, such as DOT or ETH, on the Bifrost platform and receive a vToken (vDOT or vETH) of equal trace in return. vTokens can then be weak to acquire entry to decentralized finance applications while mild allowing users to receive staking rewards on their normal crypto resources. 

Bonfida (FIDA) – Bonfida is a decentralized utility built on the open-source Serum buying and selling protocol, powered by the Solana blockchain. Bonfida makes exhaust of APIs to present a more complete buying and selling interface with further facets and charting views. FIDA can even be weak to pay for transaction prices, assemble staking rewards or to place acquire entry to to extraordinary Bonfida facets.

Foundation Protocol (OGN) – Foundation Protocol is an on-line marketplace built on Ethereum the effect someone can portion goods, services and products, and most particularly, non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Holders of the Foundation Tokens (OGN) can stake them and vote on the guidelines that impact the long term course of the community.

Will Kraken listing more resources?

Yes! Nonetheless our policy is to by no formulation display hide any particulars except rapidly sooner than beginning – now no longer even which resources we’re brooding about. All of Kraken’s listed tokens would possibly perhaps be found on our net net page, and all future tokens would possibly perhaps be launched on Kraken’s weblog and social media profiles. Our client engagement specialists can not acknowledge any questions about which resources lets be listing in some unspecified time in the future. 

Commerce with warning

There would possibly perhaps be no longer one of these thing as a screech that a limit present will enact. There would possibly perhaps be no screech of executing at a particular trace for a market present. The offer and liquidity of the speak digital asset will impact all these orders.

Itemizing an asset or token for trade is now no longer a advice to snatch, sell, or take part in the associated community. Discontinue your gain evaluate and make investments at your gain risk.

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