This Mercedes F200 map had cameras for aspect mirrors and joystick guidance… in 1996

The gargantuan describe: Mercedes-Benz in 1996 created an map automobile to spotlight innovations in passenger automobile rupture, maintain watch over and luxury. Searching assist on it better than 25 years later, the stylish coupe implemented a desire of forward-pondering tips which would be handiest fair recently starting to accumulate their technique into manufacturing automobiles.

The 2-door coupe featured a a lot of maintain watch over arrangement that replaced the guidance wheel and fuel / brake pedals with joysticks. There is a dual stick within the heart as successfully as particular person sticks on every door, allowing you to force from either the driver’s seat or the passenger’s seat. If any individual has extra perception on the door-mounted stick capabilities, I would would love to know more.

From the driver’s seat, it appears more just like the cockpit of a fighter jet than a mid-90s automobile however the the relaxation of the inner is terribly minimalistic ensuing from a successfully-organized dashboard mostly produced from video shows.

The map furthermore replaced the worn aspect-mounted mirrors with cameras and was as soon as outfitted with technique more airbags than was as soon as customary for the duration. Diversified chopping-edge tech for the time incorporated electro-transparent panoramic roof glass, yelp recognition for exhaust with a cell telephone, a completely energetic suspension arrangement, an electric-opening truck lid with a four-joint hinge and a headlight arrangement with variable light distribution.

Under the hood is a naturally aspirated 6.0L V12. The electric butterfly doorways and map-model wheels would possibly maybe well no longer charm to everybody but in every other case, here’s a really stylish having a observe automobile given its age. The doorways unlocked through a magnetic card kept within the owner’s pocket, no swiping required.

YouTube channel TheTFJJ fair recently filmed the Mercedes F200 map as it arrived at the London Concours automobile show cloak. Per the description, the automobile is one amongst the few Mercedes ideas ever sold to a customer and reportedly fetched merely about $10 million. It debuted at the 1996 Paris Motor Stamp but has no longer progressively been seen in public since.

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