These inventive pondering workouts can disrupt your next group brainstorm

There are moderately just a few execrable conferences within the market. A project station meeting when a person reads updates off a shared tracker. Async, anybody? A gaggle meeting when the chief talks your whole time with little engagement from particular person contributors. Snooze.

Likely my least well-liked execrable meeting is an inspiration-much less brainstorming session. You perceive the form: A instructed is shared after which unstructured belief-sharing ensues. That you just would be able to hear crickets. Otherwise you would possibly possibly hear the identical loud impart time and again and all all over again.

But a structured intervention can reduction enhance your group’s brainstorm. The next time you’re leading a session, attempt these workouts to supercharge your group’s inventive pondering—and distill the supreme tips to transfer ahead.

100 Techniques to Exercise a Paperclip

I continuously begin off a brainstorming session with the 100 Techniques to Exercise a Paperclip impart to win the group warmed up.

The instructed is easy: List the total ways you would possibly possibly impart a paper clip. Protect a catch of chips collectively? Protect a locked door? Mark a page in a e book? Anything goes.

The impart is designed to downside group contributors to explore unusual and lateral tips, approaches, and perspectives. It’s a sneaky (and fun!) manner to shift all americans true into a development mindset before heading into the brainstorm at hand.

That you just would be able to are attempting this impart in my concept within the event you raze up up against a inventive block.

Disruptive Brainstorming

As soon as the group is warmed up, my Disruptive Brainstorming play is one of my well-liked concepts for group brainstorming. Right here’s the manner you stir this 60-minute play.


For disbursed groups (some will possible be remote and some will possible be collectively in-person), create a collaboration document. Take a look at out these templates for a Trello board or Confluence page. Fill the Disrupt cards willing to screen share. For in-person groups, procure a whiteboard or colossal paper and position out sticky notes and markers in a gathering room. Print out the Disrupt cards and elevate them with you.

Elaborate a undeniable subject for brainstorming. Then create a document with the total relevant study and background for your theme. Share it with the group a couple days upfront so that they are able to begin hooked in to the subject.

Brainstorm (Spherical 1)

Spoil the group into two groups to avoid wasting several rounds of brainstorming. If here’s a disbursed group, impart the video conferencing tool’s breakout rooms performance. Space a timer for 10 minutes and begin the brainstorm, coming up with as many tips as doable within the allotted time. Nothing is off the desk.

Fill group contributors add tips one after the other to the template, whiteboard, or sticky notes. Focus on the belief that with the neighborhood as it’s being added to trust if anybody on the group has something so that you can add or refine.

Lower (Spherical 1)

Lift the groups reduction collectively. In silence, hang groups capture tips from the reverse group’s board. These are any tips that don’t appear achievable, supportable, or that don’t train to the brainstorming aim. Generous trimming of tips is serious to avoid wasting room for unusual ones.


Fill one teammate from each and every neighborhood switch groups to shake up the group’s pondering. Then hang groups capture a quantity at random from 1-33. This quantity will correspond to a Disrupt card. Some examples of Disrupt card prompts encompass:

  • Appropriate challenges: We pleasure in challenges, notably ones that strike a steadiness between overwhelming and wearisome.
  • Exiguous win entry to: We naturally desire things that are perceived as ordinary or belonging to a opt few.
  • Humor cease: Humorous items are extra with out complications remembered—and enjoyed!

Brainstorm (Spherical 2)

With the unusual group member and Disrupt card, position a timer for 10 minutes and begin a brand unusual spherical of brainstorming. The tips have to quiet train to the belief that on the Disrupt card.

Lower  (Spherical 2)

As soon as extra, capture tips from the reverse group’s brainstorm record. Attain so quietly and with out discussion.

Disrupt again

Fill a special person from each and every group switch groups. Add a brand unusual Disrupt card at random. Space a timer for 10 minutes and stir for one final brainstorming spherical.

Closing prick

Produce this one the supreme prick yet, even supposing (or notably if) it manner supreme 1-2 tips are left per group. The group intends to come to a decision to these tips, so make certain that they’re price pursuing. Then decide to them.

A brainstorm is supposed to be a time for fun and inspiration. Must you procure them wearisome, awkward, or unproductive, give one or each and every of those workouts a attempt, and perceive the manner you enhance them.

Mark Cruth is Atlassian’s resident Current Work Knowledgeable. Centered on note over theory, Mark spends his days coaching each and every Atlassian and buyer groups on unusual ways of working, then sharing what he’s learned at occasions around the field.

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