The You Season 4 Finale Is Bonkers in the Simplest Plot

NETFLIX’s YOU is a degree to built on a pair issues: Penn Badgley’s powerhouse lead efficiency as tv’s preeminent literary snob/maniac serial killer Joe Goldberg, and absolutely unsuitable twists and turns that are repeatedly very top colorful enough that the viewers remain wildly entertained and now no longer extend. And, optimistic, the closing two seasons bear had finales built around absolutely perfect Taylor Swift needle drops.

Goal correct-trying when it gave the influence esteem You would possibly well possibly furthermore bear been organising Season 4 as a covert collection finale and the cease for Mr. Joe Goldberg aka Will Bettelheim aka Jonathan Moore, issues took that predictable twist. And we’re now no longer even speaking referring to the important thing twist that took situation midway through Season 4, Part 2—the twist that the actual person we notion became as soon as the Respect The Rich Killer, Rhys Montrose, became as soon as in actuality Joe losing his mind all along, and Joe had never even met the genuine Rhys Montrose. We’re speaking referring to the twist that chanced on Joe doing one thing he’s moderately factual at—killing—and having it without a doubt alternate, neatly, very top about every thing for him. And in an absolutely horrifying arrangement.

And we will no longer lie: it is more or less enjoyable seeing Joe Goldberg repeatedly earn one arrangement to commit atrocities and mute advance out on top. But Season 4 furthermore leaves us a pair of more open threads to present audiences hints and hopes that a technique or the other, in a technique, Joe will lastly safe what he deserves. Will that advance any time soon? That powerful remains to be seen. And it optimistic seems esteem whatever is to advance motivate in Season 5 will be, neatly, potentially more violent and gross than the relaxation that is advance forward of.

But for the first time in a whereas in You, there is hope that the monster as soon as again recognized as Joe Goldberg (and beforehand recognized as, you realize, Will Bettelheim and Jonathan Moore) would possibly well possibly in a roundabout arrangement be tamed.

So, what in actuality took situation in the You Season 4, Part 2 ending?

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The genuine chain of occasions that develop the ending to You Season 4, Part 2, is more or less a domino kill. Joe, repeatedly bickering and wrestling along with his gross aspect (personified in his head as a deranged model of Rhys Montrose (Ed Speleers), mute around even after Joe killed the genuine Rhys Montrose), has determined to assassinate himself after Marianne reputedly died as his prisoner. But he’s purchased one closing desire to kind for Kate: he’ll assassinate her father, the manipulative, kind-on-the-surface-but-oh-so-gross-inner billionaire Tom Lockwood (Greg Kinnear).

We don’t even have to chat powerful referring to the motivate-and-forth; Tom thinks Joe killed Rhys very top for him, Joe very top wants to put off Tom attributable to how gross he became as soon as to Kate (Charlotte Richie) and the arrangement in which powerful influence he’s reputedly had on her existence (Whether or now no longer he’s telling the true fact is anybody’s wager. But he potentially is.). But anyway, Joe hears enough of Tom’s relaxed-speaking and kills him esteem he’s killed so many else. And he’s stunning without concerns ready to location it up to explore esteem his bodyguard did it to amass money. Free cease tied up.

But Joe is furthermore happy, at this level—following a dream sequence the keep he observed each Guineivere Beck (Elizabeth Lail) and Like Quinn (Victoria Pedretti)—that one of the best formulation to total his cycle that nearly all efficient ends in demise and violence is by killing himself. He walks out to a bridge the keep, after a heart-to-heart along with his darkish aspect, he throws Low Immoral Rhys over the ledge, following him in himself. A small little bit of of that frequent Joe Goldberg internal monologue—he regrets his decision to leap, yada yada—and we proceed out.

It turns out that Joe doesn’t cease up drowning. He became as soon as saved from the water by police, and brought to the sanatorium, the keep he wakes up and Kate is there to stare him. Joe tells Kate his genuine title, that he’s killed americans, together with Rhys. She tells him that her dad is now unnecessary, she has all of his sources, and he or she will be able to be able to abet him quilt every thing up and originate new. This seems abominable for society!

As we buy up with Joe’s college college students, Nadia and Eddie, who had been onto his existence as Professor Jonathan Moore, we realize a pair of issues. Most importantly (and in a twist that became as soon as somewhat easy to stare coming), Marianne’s “demise” became as soon as an provide an explanation for arrangement location up by Nadia and Marianne; Nadia became as soon as the one texting Marianne’s cell phone as her friend about custody, and Nadia chanced on medication that were ready to sluggish Marianne’s heartrate all of the manner down to construct it appear esteem she became as soon as unnecessary. The two of them furthermore cooked up the fraudulent suicide assert to leave Marianne’s body in public in assert that she’s going to be chanced on; this became as soon as without a doubt so Nadia would possibly well possibly give her an adrenaline shot and lift her motivate to existence to construct her enormous trip. Now, this ran the danger that Joe didn’t kind what he’s done to Malcolm and others and, you realize, cut Marianne up into small small objects. But that is a chance they were willing to take! Marianne makes it home to her baby and all is neatly. For now.

We can not moderately train the identical for Nadia or her small boyfriend Eddie, who clearly were very top looking out at a small bit too powerful Sherlock for his or her have factual. Nadia makes her arrangement into Joe’s flat, and finds a box of evidence—Rhys’ property—that he became as soon as keeping as a trophy of kinds. She takes some photography, and tells Eddie that she did it. She comes downstairs, though, and who does she peek but Professor Jonathan Moore himself. Joe tells her that he likes her, and that issues can work out for all americans, in actuality.

We then hear that Taylor Swift song—“Anti-Hero,” what else?—and breakthrough somewhat one day. Joe and Kate bear a existence together in Unique York and are extremely affluent and extremely efficient; Kate became as soon as ready to pay off all kinds of oldsters from police to journalists to safe a new myth published in The Decrease that truly makes Joe out to be a hero who escaped from his gross wife, Like Quinn, by faking his demise and transferring to England, the keep he met Kate, the esteem of his existence.

The closing moments of the season are then intercut between Unique York Joe (now beardless, truthfully trying powerful worse) and London Joe, talking to Nadia exterior his flat. London Joe is scaring the absolute crap out of Nadia with a large smile on his face, telling her that his conditions bear modified. He backs her down more and more unless she sees that her friend Eddie has had his throat cut, and is incredibly, very unnecessary. Joe places the knife in her hand, and tells her what’s about to happen: he’s given an anonymous tip that Eddie killed Rhys, and has location it up in assert that Nadia looks to be like esteem the actual person that killed Eddie—because she chanced on out that Eddie “killed” Rhys. Nadia is too panicked to converse, and, as Joe’s narration reveals, she hasn’t spoken since.

Unique York Joe is furthermore on an absolute excessive. While it felt esteem the season became as soon as going fat Fight Club when Joe threw Immoral Rhys over the aspect of the bridge, we safe our first be conscious that Unique York Joe has determined to embody the gross when he looks to be like out the window and we peek a reflection of Rhys in the glass. Joe then tells the viewers that he’s now acknowledging something we bear now recognized all along: he’s a killer. He can assassinate. He’s factual at killing.

The most productive incompatibility, now, is that Joe is accepting it—and embracing it. Uh oh.

Can anybody live Joe Goldberg?

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Sure. For the first time, there is a predominant, predominant crack in Joe’s armor: he doesn’t know that Marianne is alive. Marianne’s disgust reading Joe’s tell myth, juxtaposed against Joe’s narration believing she died, is among one of the best moments in the ending of the You Season 4, Part 2 finale. Marianne is conscious of better than anybody alive very top how powerful of a monster Joe is, and whereas she would possibly well possibly furthermore now no longer have to clutter with the existence she’s managed to search out with her daughter, she furthermore would possibly well possibly furthermore without a doubt feel a calling to raise him down.

There are a handful of totally different characters mute floating around in the market who would possibly well possibly crew up with Marianne to raise Joe—now, it is a have to have to be conscious, a principal affluent, essential, extremely efficient particular person—down. Obviously, there is Nadia sitting in penal advanced. There’s Kerry and Cary from Season 3, who managed to parlay their expertise with Joe and Like into a TED Talk, e book deal, and fame of their have. And there is Ellie from Season 2, who misplaced her sister and had her have weird relationship with Joe Goldberg/Will Bettelheim; actress Jenna Ortega became as soon as in actuality location to advance motivate in Season 4 at one level, but filming conflicts with Wednesday made that very now no longer in reality. We would salvage to stare Ellie return and abet take Joe down, but with Ortega’s occupation exploding as powerful as it has, that can show complicated.

But. That’s all to advise: Joe is now no longer unbeatable. There are americans in the market who can live him. And most likely we will peek that open to happen in Season 5.

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