The Closing of Us Season Finale Left Viewers Crying, Shaking, Throwing Up

If you idea that the Season 1 finale of HBO’s harrowing video sport adaptation The Closing of Us would wrap up its put up-apocalyptic storyline in a neat bow and offers its major characters a laborious-gained jubilant ending, then you definately were searching at a clear show screen fully.

Episode 9 of the severely acclaimed drama, “Stare for the Mild,” indubitably did bring resolution on some of the unresolved narratives of the season, however it indubitably did so in predictably gut-wrenching model.

The truth concerning the Fireflies’ idea used to be printed, with Marlene explaining that as a result of Ellie used to be born moments after her mother used to be bitten, she carries a attainable treatment for the cordyceps infection interior her. Actually, interior her body—and a crew of scientific doctors are readily available to bodily slit it out of her, although it design killing her in the job.

Other than unnecessary to yell, the emotionally scarred Joel has near to fair gain his contemporary role as Daddy Have, and in shockingly violent model, he rampages thru the scientific facility with a shotgun, killing every last particular person that stands between him and an unconscious Ellie. He even murders Marlene, and when Ellie awakens, he lies to her face, setting up some very awkward conversations in Season 2.

And construct no longer even safe us began on the flashback sequence which presented Ellie’s late mother Anna, performed by none varied than Ashley Johnson, who voiced Ellie in the genuine video video games. For fans of the sport, seeing Johnson maintaining a brand contemporary child Ellie and instilling her with phrases of fierce courage sooner than she died used to be a bittersweet fleshy circle moment, with Johnson formally passing the torch to Bella Ramsey as this skills’s Ellie—as well to attending to section the screen on the side of her old fashioned buddy Merle Dandridge, who also looked in the sport.

Suffice to whisper, it used to be lots, and the receive is still crying/shaking/throwing up about it.

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