The App That Helps Prepare You for Death

When any individual you cherish passes, it’s worthy to prioritize the logistics. You’re facing stress and trouble , so when it comes time to negotiate funeral planning, insurance protection recordsdata, upright and monetary paperwork, and additional, it’ll even be overwhelming. 

So it’s wanted to earn all of this sorted before you are reeling from loss. 

Enter Bereev, a death preparation app that is initiating to defend close waves in Australia. Its motive is to destigmatize the dialog surrounding quit of lifestyles, turning death from a taboo topic to a dinner dialog. With planning and preparation, based on Bereev, we are in a position to ease the lives of the participants we fling away at the assist of.

To spread the be conscious, founder Izumi Inoue launched Death Convo Sport, a marketing and marketing campaign asking 31 questions about death over the 31 days of Can also. 

Screenshot of an app, with an orange box asking you to list the Top 3 things on your bucket list.

The app asks you to birth up the dialog together with your family.


“At the starting keep it became all about getting participants to earn started on their preparations, mainly getting their affairs, directions, paperwork, and messages in repeat so that the participants they fling away at the assist of will earn the likelihood to grieve, in its keep of running round going thru the death admin which is able to be very traumatising,” talked about Inoue.

“We sat down as a group and requested ourselves, what are the ideal/most burning questions about death that we ourselves as participants dangle to chat about? With that, we started off with near a hundred questions, which we then positioned on a vote amongst a diminutive group of our present users and picked the prime 31.”

The game, and the broader app, query you to instruct your preconceptions about death. Day after day, you are precipitated with a novel search recordsdata from to birth up a dialogue together with your family.

“How would it is top to be remembered?”

“Who would it is top to be surrounded by in direction of the quit?”

“When enact you feel most alive?”

For day by day that users take part in the Death Convo Sport, it affords them a higher likelihood to ranking free access to the Bereev app, where they are able to put together their plans. 

From there, the app coaches you thru the pleasing approach of organizing your quit of lifestyles plans, with out reference to what it’s most likely you’ll per chance decide to enact. It additionally has a tackle inclusivity, with alternatives for Muslim users who dangle to upload their Wasiat and Hibah to their preparation plans. 

“We started off in Malaysia assist in 2018 and Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures, ethnicities and religions,” talked about Inoue. “It taught us loads in phrases of navigating a spectrum of beliefs, and cherish it or now not, death and religion can even be very intertwined. Thanks to that, I possess that each death tech startup would possibly per chance also fair composed defend close their communities’ beliefs into myth and weave that into their particular person abilities.” 

Death tech is a hugely promising enviornment, with the complete lot from replacement cremations and funeral tech thru to video video games going thru the thought of quit-of-lifestyles care. It be little wonder that apps cherish Bereev dangle such an invested target market, when all of us are assured to face death finally. 

It stems from the thought of death positivity, which is all about destigmatizing the dialog. Death positivity doesn’t mean you’re taking a explore forward to death — it correct manner that you just get what comes and that you just learn to chat about it in a wholesome manner. 

That’s the reason Inoue and the group at the assist of Bereev possess it’s even extra vital to address the bureaucracy before it comes time. 

“I’ve misplaced each of my grandparents and dangle considered with my dangle eyes the toll an unprepared death takes on the participants left at the assist of,” talked about Inoue. 

“It causes friction, additional trauma and it tears families aside. No person of their correct thoughts would dangle to inflict that one their already grieving family. … I even dangle a asserting that I stick by: After I’ll heaven, the final ingredient I need is to position my family thru hell.”

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