Texas Mother Accused Of Leaving wearisome Young americans For Two Months & ‘Making Social Media Posts’ About It Smiles In Arrest Photo, Charged

A Texas mother, identified as Raven Yates, 31, is accused of forsaking her formative years from September 2022 till November 2022 sooner than her formative years’s father reported her to the police. Quickly after, Yates reportedly went on the skedaddle—nonetheless no longer without sharing posts about the allegations on social media.

Police arrested Yates in Alabama on March 8. She looks to be unbothered, smiling within the arrest photo shared by Roman Woodland Police Department.

BREAKING: Authorities earn captured Raven Yates, the Roman Woodland girl who allegedly left her two young formative years at dwelling on my own for months. She became as soon as apprehended in Cell and eager for extradition inspire to Sir Bernard Law County. @FOX26Houston pic.twitter.com/XnS0VUqYnT

— Sherman Desselle Fox 26 (@ShermanDesselle) March 9, 2023

Reportedly, the mum even asked to position lipstick on sooner than she became as soon as cuffed, Chief Carlisle suggested KTRK.

“She became as soon as photographed in handcuffs with a elephantine smile on her face and seemingly unbothered by the fees towards her for allegedly striking her have formative years in hazard,” Carlisle acknowledged. “I don’t know if she became as soon as playing a section or no subject it is miles, nonetheless she, I mediate, became as soon as playing for the digicam. She wished to earn a smile. She wished to see moral. The provocative officer reportedly acknowledged she asked about striking lipstick on sooner than the photo became as soon as taken.”

Yates is now going via two counts of “Abandon Endanger Child With out Intent To Return.”

Father Alleges Raven Yates Left Young americans House Alone For Two Months

In step with PEOPLE, Raven Yates is accused of forsaking her 12-One year-dilapidated daughter and 3-One year-dilapidated son on September 28, 2022. The daddy of the 12-One year-dilapidated suggested authorities on November 14 that the formative years had been left on my own after his daughter all every other time and all every other time saved asking him to “ship meals on a smartly-liked foundation.”

The Roman Woodland Police Department defined further in a press open.

“The daddy had been suggested that his child’s mother had been viewed in Cell, Alabama, without her formative years and realized they were dwelling on my own because he had been asked by his daughter to ship meals on a smartly-liked foundation.”

The 12-One year-dilapidated’s father, reportedly, flew in from California to further take a look at on the formative years.

A warrant became as soon as issued for the formative years’s mother, 31-One year-dilapidated Roman Woodland Resident Raven Yates, on Friday, who’s on the skedaddle after the formative years’ alive to father known as law enforcement officers on November 14 to file he had no longer viewed them since September 28. pic.twitter.com/cr8TO5Ik8O

— HJ (Hank) Ellison (@hjtherealj) February 14, 2023

31-One year-Feeble Mother Answered To Police Social Media Posts Searching For Her

Police started to stumble on for the 31-One year-dilapidated mother, nonetheless saved data about their search deepest, Roman Woodland Chief of Police Stephen Carlisle suggested PEOPLE.

On the quite a couple of hand, when authorities were unable to stumble on Yates, they shared the news about the investigation on social media. In step with Carlisle, the case caught the consideration of many, in conjunction with Yates herself.

The Roman Woodland Police Department shared that Yates became as soon as “actively making social media posts about the agonize.” Carlisle defined the commentary further, relating to Yates as a “person that likes the consideration.”

“She saw it, moral esteem we figured she would, and then she started posting actively on social media because she’s that selection of person that likes the consideration.”

All the arrangement via the interval a ways flung from her formative years, Yates posted a couple of videos and photos to her Instagram story. One incorporated a video of Yates poking relaxing at her name being within the news. One other showed her playing other extravagancies while her formative years were allegedly left on their very have.

In a single publish, on the quite a couple of hand, Yates regarded to disclaim the allegations towards her, affirming that she became as soon as minding her have business and knew “the real fact.”

Police Relate Social Media Posts By Yates Had been Inform Responses To Their Investigation

In step with Chief of Police Carlisle, a couple of of Yate’s posts on social media were made in swear response to authorities’ investigation.

“On TV she saw me swear that the cupboards were empty after we went in [the home where the children were found], so she started reacting to that by posting images of cupboards with meals in them, which, she did move a wonderful deal of meals when she left. But being long previous that prolonged, it’s too prolonged, the meals offer goes to skedaddle.”

The posts were shared in February, and likewise incorporated one where Yates became as soon as viewed along with her formative years. Carlisle, on the quite a couple of hand, defined that these posts were dilapidated and the formative years were staying with household on the moment.

“She became as soon as no longer with them. Those were older images. Each person is aware of where the formative years were. The formative years were with members of the family.”

Furthermore, Carlisle defined that Yates never denied forsaking her formative years.

“But she never did swear that she left the formative years on my own, nonetheless she started posting images of her with the formative years and, honestly, I mediate she became as soon as playing the consideration.”

Raven Yates’ Arrest & Extradition

In step with a press open from the Roman Woodland Police Department, the Texas mother became as soon as arrested on March 8 in an condo advanced in Cell, Alabama.

It regarded that she had been staying there with a male friend, police disclosed.

In step with the clicking open, Yates has been charged with 2 counts of “Abandon Endanger Child With out Intent to Return.” It’s unclear if Yates has retained an attorney to touch upon her behalf or entered a plea.

Furthermore, the 31-One year-dilapidated is now eager for extradition inspire to Sir Bernard Law County, Texas. On the quite a couple of hand, it is miles, reportedly unclear how prolonged that course of may probably also shield.

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