Texas Lawmakers Creep Marijuana Decriminalization Invoice

A Texas Rental of Representatives legislative panel this week unanimously permitted a bill to decriminalize the possession of diminutive amounts of marijuana. The measure, Rental Invoice 218, used to be permitted by the Rental Legal Jurisprudence Committee with a vote of 9-0 on Tuesday.

If handed, the legislation would take away criminal penalties for the possession of up to 1 ounce of marijuana or cannabis pay attention. Such possession would be reclassified as a Class C misdemeanor, a citable offense now not topic to arrest and carrying a ravishing of up to $500.

“In total, the person is given a ticket goes to courtroom, they’re assessed a ravishing, then the courtroom tells them, ‘You’ve got six months to pay and you might also hang to pause out of be troubled all thru that time,’” Democratic grunt Catch. Joe Short-tempered stated at a committee hearing for the legislation on Tuesday, in accordance to a story from Marijuana Second.

A Texas Rental panel has unanimously permitted a measure that might perchance presumably decriminalize possession of diminutive … [+] amounts marijuana within the grunt.


The bill requires courts to defer adjudication of the citation while a probationary interval is served. If executed successfully, the price can even be expunged from the perpetrator’s story.

“If the person does their half, the courtroom dismisses the costs, and on a request of the particular person, deletes the overall story of it,” stated Short-tempered, the chair of the committee. “The person walks away lighter within the pockets nonetheless with out any criminal story in anyway.”

Invoice Reduces Penalties For Marijuana Possession

Rental Invoice 218 additionally reduces the penalties for quite a lot of marijuana offenses, reducing possession of 1 to two oz. of marijuana to a Class B misdemeanor that’s now not topic to arrest. Possession of between two and four oz. of pot would be reduced to a Class A misdemeanor. The legislation additionally involves provisions offering for the expungement of some previous marijuana possession convictions.

“I’ve been on a lope with this one,” stated Short-tempered. “The essence of this bill is on the whole straightforward even supposing the language might perchance presumably even be somewhat bit complicated.”

Below most up-to-date Texas grunt regulation, possession of up to two oz. of cannabis is a Class B misdemeanor. Possession of two to four oz. of marijuana is a Class A misdemeanor, topic to up to a Twelve months in county jail time and a ravishing of up to $4,000. Possession of more than four oz. of pot or any quantity of cannabis pay attention is a prison.

Texas Rental Invoice 218 would decriminalize possession of diminutive amounts of marijuana.


“There are tens of thousands of arrests for private declare possession in Texas once a year and these price our grunt a whole bunch of thousands and thousands of bucks every single Twelve months, now to now not point out countless hours of regulation enforcement and prosecutor time,” Short-tempered quick the committee on Tuesday. “They additionally designate folks, largely teenagers, with criminal records that create existence-long obstacles to jobs, training, housing and different alternatives. That’s an dreadful investment and an dreadful consequence any arrangement you reduce it.”

Rental Invoice 218 now heads to the Rental Calendars Committee, the panel to blame for scheduling ground action on the legislation.

Native Pot Decriminalization Invoice Additionally Pending

Short-tempered’s bill is now not essentially the most though-provoking marijuana policy reform proposal pending sooner than Texas lawmakers. Final month, Democratic grunt Catch. Jessica González introduced legislation that might perchance presumably let county and municipal governments legalize leisure marijuana at the native level. The measure, Rental Invoice 1937, directs the Texas Commission of Licensing and Law to undertake all indispensable principles for the administration and enforcement of the bill, together with licensing, regulation, checking out requirements, and transportation.

“Twenty-one states in The United States hang legalized cannabis, and twenty-seven states hang decriminalized using cannabis. In a most up-to-date see, a majority of Texans supported some invent of legalization of cannabis declare,” González stated in an announcement. “While Texas has made progress with the Compassionate Remark Act, we hang got been left within the befriend of on a likely income supply that might perchance presumably boost investments in public training, discontinuance needless arrests for cannabis possession, and create jobs in our grunt. We ought to gentle enable our native communities to safe essentially the most though-provoking decision for themselves relating to cannabis legalization, and Rental Invoice 1937 would enable that for adults 21 years or older.”

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