Threat actor Intelbroker now claims it hacked Apple alongside with AMD

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Briefly: Intelbroker is gaining a reputation for breaching some gigantic-title entities. After it hacked AMD, the group now says it has also compromised Apple. However, it is miles advanced to envision these claims, and Apple has yet to acknowledge. That is what all people knows to this level.

Infamous cybercriminal Intelbroker has made one other eyebrow-raising claim on darkish web forum BreachForums following its sage of breaking into AMD closing week. A day later, the group mentioned it also compromised Apple, stealing its offer code for inside instruments, alongside side AppleConnect-SSO, Apple-HWE-Confluence-Superior, and AppleMacroPlugin, as neatly as workers’ in my belief identifiable data and diverse data.

AppleConnect-SSO is an authentication system that permits workers to access particular applications inside Apple’s network. An ex-Apple retail worker informed 9to5Mac that AppleConnect serves because the worker identical of an Apple ID and is former to access all inside systems, with the exception of email. No longer basic is identified about the diverse two instruments, but it is miles speculated that Apple-HWE-Confluence-Superior is seemingly former for inside data sharing, and AppleMacroPlugin facilitates inside processes.

Apple has no longer confirmed the breach, and AMD mentioned that it is miles working closely with law enforcement officials and a third-obtain together web hosting companion to investigate the claim and the importance of the data. Intelbroker posted screenshots from AMD’s inside systems to present it has the data.

Meanwhile, Darkish Web Informer, who publishes data they bag on the darkish web on X, has posted screenshots that inform Intelbroker has launched the inside offer code to three of Apple’s progressively former instruments for their inside web site.

ð¨MAJOR DATA BREACHð¨IntelBroker has allegedly leaked #Apple‘s Interior Tools.

IntelBroker has launched the inside offer code to three of Apple’s progressively former instruments for their inside web site,

In June 2024, suffered a data breach and lead to the publicity…

– Darkish Web Informer (@DarkWebInformer) June 18, 2024

Extra data comes from security provider AHCTS, which claims that its Intelligence team bought the data for the USD identical of roughly $11. It also says that the leaked data does no longer encompass inside Apple instruments, but in its assign contains inside personalized integrations to join Apple proprietary authentication systems to Atlassian Jira and Confluence, for SSO authentication inside the Apple company network. “Fixed with data contained inside the leaked data, the availability code handles the authentication to, a Confluence server which is no longer routable on the public web,” it mentioned.

There get been old cases of cybercriminal gangs making incorrect claims about infiltrating gigantic organizations and having stolen data to sell. The AMD and Apple breaches, though, construct seem they would per chance well impartial be actual, though there’s no plan to know for sure. Apart from the sightings of the stolen data on the darkish web, Intelbroker itself is gaining a reputation for its cybertheft exploits. It has beforehand claimed to get breached the Los Angeles World Airport to access non-public and flight tiny print. It also broke into US federal skills consulting firm Acuity, compromising federal agencies, and Shoprite, Africa’s largest retailer. Intelbroker has also tried to sell data allegedly stolen from Europol, The Dwelling Depot (via a third-obtain together provider), and neatly being insurance protection market DC Health Link.

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