This iPod prototype became as soon as hiding Apple’s unreleased Tetris clone

YouTuber Apple Demo has came staunch by a prototype third-expertise iPod that contains a game known as Stacker, which never made it to retail models. Moreover as to Apple’s possess model of Tetris, the engineering sample iPod also came loaded with assorted unreleased titles, collectively with video games known as Block0 and Klondike, as accepted by Engadget.

On the attend of the prototype iPod, a “DVT” (Construct Validation Testing) price is etched the keep aside the storage ability on the general goes, which, Apple Demo explains signifies it became as soon as from the center stage of pattern. Two songs tranquil in its storage and a helpfully-named playlist counsel this tool became as soon as gentle for battery sorting out.

After some tinkering and transplanting the inner exhausting disk staunch into a 2d-expertise iPod Apple Demo received the exhausting disk along with as frequent, and out of the video games available, they only demoed Stacker.

They even contacted the ex-SVP of Apple’s iPod division, Tony Fadell, to learn why the Tetris clone became as soon as never released. However, Fadell’s only commentary, from 2022, says, “because we added video games with later application originate,” leaving the inner myth of Stacker a mystery for now. Apple did originate a certified Tetris game years in a while the “Classic” iPod models, which supported new game titles purchased from the iTunes Retailer.

Stacker makes advise of the iPod’s click wheel to transfer falling blocks left and correct, and the center button drops them to the bottom of the veil. The aim, love Tetris, is to shoot for a high rating by ending and clearing traces of bricks and never overstacking pieces off the tip. The game isn’t completely polished — there’s at least one bug shown within the video the keep aside a brick overlapped a stack and received stuck when circled. However it truly works!

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