This day’s NYT Connections Hints, Solutions and Attend for June 29, #384

Need the solutions for the New York Times Connections puzzle? To me, Wordle is extra of a vocabulary test, nonetheless Connections is extra of a brainteaser. Which that you should very successfully be given 16 phrases and requested to build them into four groups that are by hook or by crook linked. Most incessantly they’re apparent, nonetheless sport editor Wyna Liu is aware of how to trick you by the usage of phrases that can match into a couple of community.

And construct you also play Wordle? Now we maintain bought at present time’s Wordle answer and hints too.

Now we maintain also bought at present time’s answer and some traditional guidelines for Strands, a original sport from the Times that’s gorgeous moved out of beta and into the NYT’s Video games app.

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Hints for at present time’s Connections groups

Listed here are four hints for the groupings in at present time’s Connections puzzle, ranked from the highest, yellow community to the now not easy (and usually weird and wonderful) red community.

Yellow community designate: Sound the identical.

Green community designate: Snap together.

Blue community designate: Deposit or location.

Purple community designate: Deem roses and violets.

Solutions for at present time’s Connections groups

Yellow community: Homophones.

Green community: Join.

Blue community: Placed down.

Purple community: ____ flower.

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What are at present time’s Connections solutions?

The yellow phrases in at present time’s Connections

The theme is homophones. The four solutions are to, too, Tue and two.

The golf green phrases in at present time’s Connections

The theme is join. The four solutions are couple, tie, unite and wed.

The blue phrases in at present time’s Connections

The theme is positioned down. The four solutions are laid, positioned, build and sat.

The red phrases in at present time’s Connections

The theme is ____ flower. The four solutions are could, sun, wall and wild.

play Connections

Taking half in is straightforward. A hit is laborious. Observe at the 16 phrases and mentally save them to connected groups of 4. Click on the four phrases you suspect lag together. The groups are coded by coloration, even supposing you construct now not know what goes the build except you inquire of the solutions. The yellow community is the highest, then green, then blue, and red is the toughest. Observe at the phrases conscientiously, and view connected terms. Most incessantly the connection has to construct with gorgeous a portion of the be aware. As soon as, four phrases maintain been grouped as a result of every started with the title of a rock band, in conjunction with “Rushmore” and “Journeyman.”

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