The Morning After: Elon Musk deepfakes are pushing crypto giveaways

Mat Smith

It’s been a weekend of crypto scams, hacks and deepfake chaos. Behind on Friday, anyone hacked 50 Cent’s accounts to push memecoin GUNIT and made off with hundreds of hundreds. The proper amount is unclear; Fiddy himself wrote on Instagram, “whoever did this made $3,000,000 in 30 minutes.” The rapper’s X legend and web predicament bear in mind been hacked at the equivalent time.

Then, extra than one deepfakes of Elon Musk bear in mind been spotted on YouTube, telling viewers to deposit their crypto on a suspicious web predicament, promising free crypto in return. Now taken down, the looped video showed Musk at what regarded love a livestream from a Tesla tournament, with an AI-generated version of his speak instructing viewers to search the recommendation of with a web predicament and deposit their Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dogecoin to enter the opponents. Over 30,000 viewers tuned into the circulate at one level, pushing it to the high of YouTube’s Are living Now solutions.

Don’t find funding recommendation from rappers and social media network owners.

— Mat Smith

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Starliner astronauts’ return outing has been pushed attend even extra

Oh no, extra time in position.

Astronauts Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams, who flew on the carefully delayed first crewed flight of Boeing’s Starliner craft, won’t be strolling back from the Global Save Location except sometime next month, reasonably than, properly, earlier this month. NASA presented closing evening that it’s pushing the date of their return outing even extra to learn about complications with Starliner’s first flight.

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Easy suggestions to circulate video to your TV the employ of a VPN

You’re now not merely exiguous to a cellular phone or laptop laptop.

I appreciate it when an Engadget creator solves a impart I even bear in mind. Which that you just might additionally be extinct to the employ of VPNs to circulate video explain from other areas, but it falls apart a slight while you’re making an try to gape it on your TV. That’s where this handbook is accessible in. Alongside guides for natty TVs and TV dongles, there’s a gargantuan tip I hadn’t regarded as: the employ of an HDMI cable to pipe video straight from your cellular phone. Dapper!

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Five males face detention center time for running unlawful streaming carrier Jetflicks

A federal jury in Las Vegas came throughout five defendants responsible.

Jetflicks once boasted company also can stare practically about any TV display or movie “Anytime. Anyplace.” A jury in a Las Vegas federal courtroom came throughout the folk at the attend of the positioning responsible of conspiracy to commit prison copyright infringement. Jetflicks extinct laptop scripts and software program to scour the acquire for unlawful copies of films and television presentations and posted tons of of hundreds of unlawful copies as a ways attend as 2007 from torrent and Usenet web sites — attend when illegally staring at presentations and flicks modified into a slight of extra tough.

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