The Final of Us Section 2 Remastered: uncover how to release all the issues in No Return mode

The Final of Us Section 2 Remastered has a recent No Return mode that brings the roguelike genre into Impish Canine’s postapocalyptic franchise for the principle time, and with it comes a bevy of unlockable characters, skins, and extra that dedicated avid gamers are obvious to hope to release to be used in-recreation. Right here’s uncover how to release all the issues in No Return.


  • Ellie – Unlocked robotically.
  • Dina – Total 2 encounters with Ellie.
  • Jesse – Total 3 encounters with Dina.
  • Tommy – Total 3 encounters with Jesse.
  • Joel – Total 4 encounters with Tommy.
  • Abby – Unlocked robotically.
  • Lev – Total 2 encounters with Abby.
  • Yara – Total 3 encounters with Lev.
  • Mel – Total 3 encounters with Yara.
  • Manny – Total 4 encounters with Mel.

Persona Skins


  • Plaid – Strengthen all Perseverance abilities as Ellie.
  • Rain Jacket – Kill 4 enemies with Molotovs in a single stumble upon.
  • Savage Startlight – Catch every gun in a single speed as Ellie.


  • Hangout – Kill 4 enemies with trap mines in a single stumble upon.
  • Casual – Craft 10 times in a speed.
  • Patrol – Craft a effectively being equipment, Molotov, trap mine, and stun bomb in a speed.


  • Festival – Catch 10 items from the Trading Put up in a single speed.
  • Patrol – Kill 3enemies with pipe bombs in a single stumble upon.


  • Patrol – Total a speed with fully your initial gun or guns.
  • Sweatshirt – Total an stumble upon the put every abolish is a headshot.
  • Frosty climate – Total an stumble upon with out missing a single shot.


  • Casual – Kill 6 enemies with the a similar gun with out reloading in an stumble upon.
  • Salt Lake Metropolis – Kill 3 enemies with shivs in a single stumble upon.
  • Frosty climate – Kill 5 enemies with a bottle or brick in a single speed.
  • Boston – Total a Bloater boss stumble upon as Joel.


  • Classic Impish Canine – Operate 50 effectively being from melee kills and assaults in a single stumble upon.
  • Bomber Abby – Strengthen 3 melee weapons in a speed.
  • Badlands – Total an stumble upon with all melee kills.


  • Santa Barbara – Gain 7 kills with explosive arrows in a single speed.
  • White Shirt – Craft 20 arrows of any kind in a single speed.
  • Abby’s Jacket – Total an stumble upon with all bow kills.


  • Safehouse – Total a Seraphite stumble upon with Yara.
  • Aquarium – Defeat 3 Seraphite brutes.


  • Aquarium – Craft 8 effectively being kits in a speed.
  • Seattle – Heal 80 effectively being with one effectively being equipment.


  • Frosty climate – Completely upgrade any guns.
  • Firefly – Kill 5 enemies with incendiary shotgun shells in a single speed.

Gun Skins

  • Moth – Total all challenges for Ellie-aligned characters.
  • Wolf – Total all challenges for Abby-aligned characters.


  • Tommy – Kill 5 enemies in a single stumble upon whereas zoomed in with a scope.
  • Joel – Total an contaminated stumble upon as Joel.


  • Arcade Bloater – Unlocked robotically.
  • Theater Infestation – Defeat the Arcade Bloater.
  • Rattler Captain – Defeat the Theater Infestation.
  • Garage Bloater – Defeat the Rattler Captain.
  • Seraphite Elite – Defeat the Garage Bloater.
  • Rat King – Defeat the Seraphite Elite.
  • Random Bosses – Defeat the Rat King.

Core (formula and recreation modes)

  • Custom Bustle – Play 1 speed.
  • Gambits – Play 2 runs.
  • Ineffective Drops – Play 3 runs.
  • Holdout Mode – Play 5 runs.
  • Opt Mode – Play 7 runs.
  • Each day Bustle – Play 9 runs.


  • Gambits Tier 1 – Total 1 gambit.
  • Gambits Tier 2 – Total 3 gambits.
  • Gambits Tier 3 – Total 6 gambits.
  • Gambits Tier 4 – Total 9 gambits.
  • Gambits Tier 5 – Total 12 gambits.
  • Gambits Tier 6 – Total 15 gambits.


  • Mods Tier 1 – Total 3 encounters with mods.
  • Mods Tier 2 – Total 6 encounters with mods.
  • Mods Tier 3 – Total 9 encounters with mods.
  • Mods Tier 4 – Total 12 encounters with mods.

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