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Hello there, welcome to Kagi Shrimp Web!

Drawl relating to the online like a extensive neighborhood. There is a amount of of us spherical, but we infrequently stumble upon every diversified, upright? Kagi’s all about
humanizing the online and we are looking for to support surface the of us within the aid of the posts and stories that zip
by. This less known nook of the online is additionally known as the “minute net”. Read
extra in our blog submit.

We are looking for to expand the voices of precise humans on the online – ogle our sources
or check if your blog is within the checklist. You’re going to additionally
stumble upon these pages now in Kagi search if you’re procuring for something relevant.

Hit ‘Subsequent Put up’ to read something contemporary. We handiest conceal posts from the final
seven days to purchase it new. Feel like asserting thanks or jotting down a notion? Spend ‘Appreciation’ and ‘Notes’. They’ll be spherical for approximately per week, but hi there, or now now not it is a formulation to convey “hi” to any individual else out right here.

Fetch a groovy location or location something sketchy? Spend ‘Tell/Add Build’ to support
curate the feed.

And yep, this total declare is beginning-provide. Oh, and no JavaScript on our

So, what attain you exclaim? Ready to fulfill some neighbors?

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