Fresh L2 Meme Coin Raises $200K In Minutes – A Blockchain Constructed For Velocity & Security

New Layer 2 Meme Coin Raises $200K In Minutes – A Blockchain Built For Speed & Security

Pepe Unchained ($PEPU) – a Layer 2 (L2) frog coin launched last week – surpassed $200Okay within minutes of its presale debut despite the worldwide crypto market dipping now no longer too prolonged ago (~1% over the last day).

Even supposing market sentiment can also merely appear bearish, monumental gains are peaceable that that you just can perchance also take into consideration when you occur to speculate at the upright time. One such different is $PEPU

Let’s focus on about what makes $PEPU appealing to investors and why it has the most likely to end 100x.

The First Meme Coin to Occupy Its Occupy Ethereum L2 Community

$PEPU, which takes inspiration from the unique Layer 1 (L1) $PEPE meme coin, is the first of its form to develop its maintain proprietary Ethereum L2 blockchain. It frees the frog meme from his L1 restrictions. 

Pepe develop into as soon as a prisoner, chained to his ragged, clunky Layer ONE server room… Till he devised a Giga Mind Thought… First, he broke his chains… Then constructed his maintain: Pepe Unchained. A cutting-edge Layer 2 solution that rewarded him with freedom…And rewarded his legions of fans with unending, marvelous gainz…​Pepe Unchained

The official Pepe Unchained web page online highlights the L2 community’s many advantages: 

  • Faster speeds: L2 transactions are processed sooner than L1, allowing you to stake, commerce, and interact with $PEPU at ‘lightning wander’ 
  • Increased quantity capacity: The community’s quantity capacity is 100x sooner than ETH, bettering total user ride
  • Decrease prices: Gas prices are decrease on L2 thanks to fewer transactions blocking off Ethereum’s community
  • Bigger funding opportunities: Funds can trip towards investments in preference to transaction prices 

Establishing an Ethereum-primarily based L2 community is a strategic pass for $PEPU. Ethereum takes up 72.82% of TVL in the blockchain ecosystem, with $121.66B locked and a market cap of $427.47B. 

Ethereum’s total TVL

Ethereum has a excessive TVL, which indicates how valuable DeFi train there might perchance be in the community, spurred on by the active developer personnel. Theoretically, by constructing an Ethereum L2, Pepe Unchained can capitalize on Ethereum’s community success.

Nonetheless, Ethereum most productive processes approximately 15 transactions per 2nd. The community’s tiring processing conditions and minute capacity can result in excessive transaction prices and community congestion.

L2 protocols (indulge in Polygon ($MATIC) and Arbitrum ($ARB)) solve these elements by processing transactions independently on a aspect chain sooner than in conjunction with them to the L1 blockchain ledger.

Excited by tokens underpinning the L2 protocol accept collectively accumulated $22B, $PEPU positions itself for success

$PEPU’s Promising Propositions

$PEPU is the first meme coin to leverage Ethereum’s L2 technology, giving holders an appealing cost offering when in comparison with diversified meme tokens. 

By the usage of Portal and Wormhole technology, the $PEPU ecosystem can offer multichain interactions, unified governance, and enhanced liquidity, meaning interoperability, streamlined decision-making, and label steadiness. 

Furthermore, it’s starting up and transparent owing to being audited by Steady Proof, constructing belief among its holders. 

It’s no wonder the venture has already raised over $230Okay. 1 $PEPU currently prices $0.008, and its label is location to upward thrust in decrease than three days.  

$PEPU’s tokenomics is one other gleaming ingredient, emphasizing early investor earnings and prolonged-term trend by allocating 30% to staking and 10% to venture finance

Pepe Unchained tokenomics

Investors accept already staked 9,676,603 $PEPU all by blueprint of the presale, which is now no longer beautiful, pondering staking rewards are currently at an fabulous 15,766% APY. 

Contributing to the appreciable staking quantity is $PEPE offloading transaction prices to its L2, thus being in a neighborhood to offer double the staking rewards.

To plan shut $PEPU, visit the official presale web page online, join your wallet to the widget, and plan shut the quantity you select to have to plan shut. For more recordsdata, compare out Pepe Unchained’s whitepaper.

Closing Thoughts

Irrespective of the crypto market trudge, Pepe Unchained’s initial presale success highlights the rising hobby in meme coins with utility. 

$PEPU holds a critical edge by being the first of its form to debut an Ethereum-primarily based L2 blockchain – an advantage the unique $PEPE, which has a market cap of over $4.8B, doesn’t accept. 

Nonetheless, it remains to be considered whether the L2 meme coin will starting up potentialities for 100x or 1,000x gains. Time incessantly is the plan shut.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this text end now no longer constitute financial advice. We relief readers to behavior their maintain be taught and resolve their maintain risk tolerance sooner than making any financial choices. Cryptocurrency is a extremely hazardous, excessive-risk asset class.

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