Council denies planning dispute for datacentre conclude to M25 a second time on Inexperienced Belt grounds

Buckinghamshire Council rejects a second strive by funding firm Greystoke Land to derive permission for a datacentre vogue in Iver on Inexperienced Belt security grounds

Caroline Donnelly


Published: 27 Jun 2024 15: 53

An funding firm has had its second strive at securing planning permission for a datacentre vogue on a patch of Inexperienced Belt Land in Iver, Buckinghamshire, denied by local authority planning officers.

Greystoke Land applied for outline planning permission to Buckinghamshire Council in March 2024 for its plans to fabricate a datacentre of up to 72,000m2 in dimension on the used landfill plot, which neighbours the M25 motorway.

The council, as confirmed by documents uploaded to the Buckinghamshire Council planning portal on Tuesday 25 June 2024, has refused planning permission for the project on the premise it might perchance well most likely perchance perchance perchance “characterize an fallacious vogue of Inexperienced Belt Land” and hurt the personality and look of the plot.

“[It] would result in hurt to the openness of Inexperienced Belt in both spatial and visual terms and would war with the capabilities of in conjunction with land within the Inexperienced Belt,” the doc talked about.

“The hurt to the Inexperienced Belt by reason of inappropriateness and the barely loads of hurt acknowledged is no longer clearly outweighed by the barely loads of field fabric concerns, equivalent to to characterize the very special circumstances significant to enable fallacious vogue within the Inexperienced Belt.”

The firm has the likelihood to lift an appeal against the local council’s dedication within the case with the secretary of sigh. Computer Weekly contacted Greystoke to count on if this used to be a path of action it used to be planning to follow, but no response had been received at the time of writing.  

Right here’s the second time Buckinghamshire Council has cited the necessity to safeguard the plot’s Inexperienced Belt land as the reason to disclaim Greystoke permission to fabricate a datacentre on the plot.

The firm’s customary proposal featured a contrivance to fabricate a a lot bigger datacentre on the plot, which used to be denied by the council in September 2022, prompting Greystoke to recount the dedication by submitting an appeal with the secretary of sigh, who brushed apart the case on Inexperienced Belt security grounds.

The planning application for Greystoke’s most up-to-date project, compiled by property vogue firm Pegasus Community, confirms Greystoke has raised a factual recount against the secretary of sigh’s dedication to brush apart the appeal.

Computer Weekly contacted Pegasus and Greystoke to count on in regards to the build of the factual recount, but no response had been impending at the time of e-newsletter.

“The revised proposals are materially barely loads of in terms of the amount, quantity, height and built footprint of the proposed vogue,” the Pegasus Community doc talked about.

“Right here’s in accordance with the secretary of sigh’s conclusions referring to the affect of the old proposals on the Inexperienced Belt and the personality and look of the plot more on the total, whereas peaceable handing over a vogue that can obtain a if truth be told critical contribution to the undisputed need that exists within the Slough Availability Zone.”

As talked about in completely different locations within the doc, there is an “undisputed need for datacentre capacity within the Slough Availability Zone and within the context of there being no that it is seemingly you’ll perchance perchance bellow of choices to meet that need”.

While it remains to be viewed if Greystoke will lift an appeal this time, the secretary of sigh’s dedication to disclaim permission for the manufacture first time around made national knowledge headlines, with the authorities accused of being “deranged” for stopping the project from going ahead.

The case used to be also cited to illustrate of the form of datacentre vogue the Labour Occasion would gaze to augment with its Fashioned Election manifesto pledge to tempo up the tempo of datacentre inclinations by loosening the planning restrictions on them.

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