Sunshine Anthem from Vancouver Indie Artist

Vancouver indie artist, Jillian Lake, mixes velvet sounds and sizable emotions to transport you into her world of sweet sorrow in a draw that will invent it’s essential to place your broken heart out dancing. Emotions transposed onto paper and into tune, movements, and visuals – her complex collage of sound with mopish people undertones could even be when put next with indie female powerhouses esteem Feist, Maggie Rogers, and Phoebe Bridgers.

Teaming up with musician and producer, Jordan Klassen, who introduced his cinematic and syncopated fashion to her stripped-down singer-songwriter develop, together they created an album that mixes her raw poetry and intuition for melodies along with his expertise in song structure and instrumentation.

Her latest single “Olympia” seen a really different path of for the songwriter, as rather than stemming from a explicit epic, it flourished from a sense, taking pictures the carefree essence of riding with the windows down. Lustrous, colourful synths, feel-good, sunshine melodies and an brisk beat inject you with a dose of youthful vitality, spreading a smile all over your face from cheek to cheek.

The artist explains, “Olympia forever may perhaps be the song that nearly about didn’t invent the album…. This one used to be this sort of fancy one for me as I was torn between making it a single or scrapping it all together. This song used to be a later addition to the list, we wished to invent a fun one – alternatively therein lies the inspiration of the complications for me… I was NOT used to growing fun tune…. I had been on the unhappy and sappy put together since the inspiration. So the song constantly felt pressured to me. I did, alternatively, recognize plenty fun making it, and it used to be a really different path of than the leisure of my songs.”

Stuffed with hesitations of growing one thing that used to be out of her comfort zone, Lake realised that the theme of the total album she had been working on used to be about forgiving your youthful self, letting wander of these expectations and being fully unapologetic, and thus knew that “Olympia” wanted to be on the album. The artist continues, “A style of “fuck it” vibe while potentialities are you’ll well….. So now right here’s a pop banger for you to dance and voice and imagine your self on all of your future adventures to…”

Jillian Lake has garnered distinguished press, as effectively as editorial playlisting on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon, reaching over 100K plays on regarded as one of her latest singles. She has also had the pleasure of opening for Luca Fogale and is currently planning a world tour.




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