Steiner disappointed after Haas Miami F1 hopes went “down the drain”

At the slack safety car restart, Mick Schumacher used to be in promising ninth residing, but his bustle ended after a collision with Sebastian Vettel. After a extinguish for a recent hover, he done 15th.

In the intervening time, Kevin Magnussen misplaced note residing when he asked for recent tyres for the restart, a technique that did no longer figure out for the Danish driver and left him unable to label any additional ground.

He used to fret with contact with Lance Stroll in the slack phases, and the team retired his car correct ahead of the chequered flag.

“We had been in a injurious residing on Saturday,” mentioned Steiner when asked by in regards to the team’s bustle.

“I express each person regrouped, we build ourselves in a correct residing again, after which 10 laps to transfer, we glide down the drain.

“Who’s no longer disappointed after a weekend like this? I express now we luxuriate in no one else to blame than ourselves.

“We had been up in the points, it used to be that which which you would possibly mediate with per chance two vehicles to get into points, after which we correct misplaced it all at the restart.

“Very disappointing, on memoir of I express the guys regrouped totally, after which we did a couple of mistakes and ended up with nothing. Or no longer with nothing, we ended up with damaged aspects in the tip.”

Kevin Magnussen, Haas VF-22, Mick Schumacher, Haas VF-22

Kevin Magnussen, Haas VF-22, Mick Schumacher, Haas VF-22

Photo by: Tag Sutton / Motorsport Photos

Requested if he idea Schumacher will had been more patient, he mentioned: “I’m no longer the driver. I point out, we desire to struggle by this. I have not spoken with him, but obviously, we are able to no longer lose points like this.”

Steiner confirmed that Magnussen had made the demand his extinguish beneath the safety car, which got here a lap after any other drivers pitted.

This proved to be one other of basically the main factors in Haas failing to ranking, and Steiner added that Magnussen authorized the blame.

“He used to be anxious to come aid in. Our suggestion used to be no longer, but he mentioned ‘I desire recent tyres’. And he mentioned, ‘It used to be my fault, I have not got done it.'”

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Steiner acknowledged that the team’s recent label is encouraging, but wired that it’ll no longer present you with the cash for to miss point-scoring chances.

“It’s miles a particular thing, but you will most likely be capable to also just must use your capacity. Having a car like this it be misplaced alternatives, generally. I’m reasonably disappointed after this tournament.”

“But we desire to get aid to the drafting board and search what are we going to total in Spain and Monte Carlo. And we desire to total better than this, on memoir of now we luxuriate in the machine to total better.

“All of the team ended up with nothing. I point out, for me, the team is the best thing.

“We can no longer assign it up announcing there is a bustle subsequent weekend, on memoir of today it be the tip of the year, and you are observing for the 24th bustle, and it be no longer coming.”

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