SteamWorld has plans for a metropolis-builder, a puzzle sport, and a tactical shooter

On high of the (already known about) Headhunter

As a lot as our eyes can glaze over when skimming through sport publishers’ financial experiences, infrequently, there are head-turning tidbits about upcoming games we’d finally take care of to play. In this case, it clear seems take care of Thunderful has big plans for the wider SteamWorld sequence — four fresh games are in the works, along side SteamWorld Headhunter, a physique-swapping robot cowboy adventure we discovered about closing yr.

In step with the Thunderful Community’s document for January through March 2022 (through IGN), SteamWorld Headhunter is on deck for 2023, and there are three other titles on the system:

  • A SteamWorld puzzle sport codenamed “Strawberry” (2023) (Mobile)
  • A SteamWorld metropolis-builder codenamed “Coffee” (2023) (PC and Console)
  • SteamWorld flip-essentially based tactical shooter / approach sport codenamed “Caramel” (2024) (PC, Console, and Mobile)

A mobile puzzle sport isn’t a lot to pass on, but my tips is whirling up fascinated by the probabilities for a metropolis-builder in this charming robot universe. Likewise, as a lot as SteamWorld Dig and its sequel are my favorites, I do know heaps of contributors who decide SteamWorld Heist — and a “tactical shooter” sounds take care of it will be in that wheelhouse.

Thunderful’s upcoming games through 2024

Thunderful Group upcoming games
SteamWorld games and other upcoming initiatives at Thunderful.

Having a peep through this checklist of upcoming games, I moreover couldn’t abet but see Coatsink’s “Jurassic World IP sport,” codenamed “Jaffa,” which is categorized as survival fright and listed for release someday of the second half of of 2022 across consoles and VR. Ill, simply? It took me a minute to connect the dots, but that clear sounds take care of Jurassic World Aftermath, a “suspenseful VR survival adventure” that’s already playable now on Meta Quest.

Curiously, earlier in the document, Thunderful particularly mentions that “Coatsink has been chosen to originate a beginning title for Sony’s subsequent-generation VR console, PSVR2.”

Thunderful acknowledged this “cements Coatsink’s high role in the VR enterprise, and through them we’re finally in a necessary situation to persuade the system forward for VR enterprise and expertise.”

While we don’t rep concrete dates but, I’m desirous to peek what other studios Sony has courted for the PlayStation VR2 beginning. And as somebody who’s been with SteamWorld since the starting build, it’s cool to peek it proceed to grow in fresh ways. I’m no longer awaiting to take care of all four upcoming games (no longer without extra information), but I’d be cheerful with apt a couple.

Whoever’s growing with these codenames, you’re killing it.

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