WWE NXT Results: Winners, Stay Grades, Response and Highlights from June 25

Nathan Frazer rolled up Tony D’Angelo in Round 1 to win the major tumble 42 seconds in.

The Don answered with an impactful spinebuster a minute into the 2d round for his first tumble.

A factual shoulder injury down the stretch gave Frazer a gap, however the bell saved The Don till he may maybe maybe well hit a closing elevated spinebuster for the closing tumble in Round 6.

The rapid falls in the major two rounds roughly invalidated the layout because the massive majority of action most efficient occurred for the third tumble. Both males are too smartly-established to lose so rapid.

Then as soon as more, as soon as the two obtained serious in Round 3, this obtained very licensed. Frazer confirmed some sharp heel instincts as he focused the injury of D’Angelo and grew increasingly frustrated with come-misses.

This became closely pushed by the work of the challenger, even though. The Don supplied the affect of Frazer’s offense smartly, helping him shine with out losing the fable of the battle.

It became habitual even though that D’Angelo by no blueprint went for his frequent finisher, instead relying closely on the spinebuster.

The Don considerable the make a choice. He continues to develop as a competitor in these Heritage Cup fits and deserves the spotlight. Frazer restful has the NXT Label Group Championships.

D’Angelo def. Frazer in Round 6 two falls to one to acquire the Heritage Cup.

  • Within the locker room, Axiom promised to be in Frazer’s corner for his match despite his misgivings about his buddy spreading himself too thin.
  • Sarah Schreiber interviewed a assured Don earlier than his Heritage Cup defense. As an NXT interviewer, she hasn’t clicked to this level and is derived off as too rehearsed.
  • The Don caught Frazer diving exterior, called him boring after which threw him into the steel steps.
  • Frazer barely kicked out of a 2d spinebuster in Round 4. A third spinebuster catching Frazer diving in the following round as soon as more obtained a come-tumble.
  • The challenger nearly took it with a diving dropkick to The Don’s injured factual shoulder. Time ran out after Frazer hit the Phoenix Splash in the fifth round.


This match is WILD! 👏👏👏#WWENXT

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